Every day is a holiday with Sun-Drenched Summer

Every day is a holiday with Sun-Drenched Summer

Bring the warm, lazy days of summer into your home with the Sun-Drenched Summer trend. Bordering on a lifestyle more than a trend, the sunny colour palette, breezy patterns and joyful textures of this home decorating trend will make every day feel like that first weekend of the summer holidays!

In the bedroom

Make every night's rest as delightful as sleeping in a beach villa by using Sun-Drenched Summer as your home decorating guide. Choose your bed styling colours by incorporating your favourite summer colours - the bright periwinkle of a clear sky will put you in a cheery mood no matter your circumstance, while burnt oranges, dry pinks and nutty browns encapsulate the warmth we all enjoy during the sunny season. Use some crisp white cutting through these colours as a breath of fresh air, plus a few nature-based patterns like wildflowers and palms to really bring that summer holiday spirit!

Sun-Drenched Summer Trend In the Bedroom

In the living room

Relaxing in your living room becomes even more of a joy when it's styled like a dreamy beachside gazebo using living room décor. Make yourself comfortable using cushions with soft textures and tassels - they'll bring the beach right into your living room! Sheer curtains will let in that warm summer air while giving you your privacy, and when combined with blockout curtains in bold colours, will ensure you can stay cool at night. Natural materials like rattan and jute bring the boho beach-house vibe to the floors, and don't forget a few woven-style footstools to put your feet up on at the end of a long day.

Sun-Drenched Summer Trend In the Living Room

In the kitchen

Dining outdoors is a cornerstone of summer, and you can enjoy this to the fullest with simple but quality dining ware. Natural wooden serving trays and boards combined with stone-inspired plates and bowls create the summer beach holiday feel in your everyday home without the travel. Outdoor dining can be greatly enhanced with citronella candles in plain stone and clay holders as well as detailed accessories like lanterns, tasselled trays and tablecloths in simple but colourful patterns.

Sun-Drenched Summer Trend In the Kitchen

In the materials

No matter if it's a soft duvet, plump cushion or breezy tablecloth, the materials used in this home decorating trend should feature crisp designs, bright colours and white space. Simple patterns like checks are a classic choice, but you can also bring that summer holiday vibe with bright flower patterns and even fabrics featuring delicious citrus fruits! Add a few tropical patterns featuring monstera leaves and tall palms and you've got yourself a getaway in your own home.

Sun-Drenched Summer Trend In the Materials

In the little things

Just like how it's the small details that make a holiday perfect, the small pieces of home décor are what can make or break your entire Sun-Drenched Summer style. Create the perfect holiday house with small details like warm-coloured flowers in rounded vases, soft storage baskets and clay deco pieces in simple shapes featuring detailed patterns. Wall art prints will create tiny windows out to a tropical getaway - choose ones featuring leafy palms, long ferns and other exotic plants to create a jungle-like feel.




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