Get inspired with Lulu's bedroom makeover

by Jo Walker
Photo Credit: Stephanie Rose Wood

Get inspired with Lulu's bedroom makeover

Meet Lulu. She's 13, and her bedroom at her dad's new house used to be a bit... meh. Lulu knew she didn't want a kid's room anymore, and she had a few ideas of what she liked (including lots of flowers!) But she and her dad didn't quite know how to pull it all together into something functional and cool.

Watch how we helped her create her dream room here. And scroll down for more inspiration and details on how to get the look.

Lulu's newly made-over bedroom

Lulu’s newly made-over bedroom is equal parts girlie, boho and functional – with a pop of floral fun.

Hanging Up DIY Flower Dangles

Hanging up DIY flower dangles next to the bed forms a bright and happy feature wall (which is pretty fun to wake up to).

Bed Linen For A Cosy Sleeping Spot

Bed linen in a grown-up shade of pink pairs with boho throw cushions (plus a bit of a nod to the room’s leafy plant theme) for a cosy sleeping spot.

A Cute Collage Photo Frame

Lulu keeps friends and family close to her with a cute collage photo frame above the bed.

A Netural Tray On The Bedside

Meanwhile, a neutral tray on the bedside table neatly contains books and candles.

Lulu's Gorgeous DIY Flower Dangle Feature Wall

Lulu’s DIY flower dangles create a gorgeous feature wall, and a colour palette that’s picked up in the room’s decor and wall art.

For instructions on how to create your own flower dangles, see our easy project here. We used (among other flowers) Ranunculus Stem 50cm in pink, Sunflower Stem 65cm in yellow, Mum Flower 63cm in orange, Rose Spray 61cm in pink, 10 Rose Stand Bouquet in lemon salmon.

Some Of Lulu's Favourite Image Clusters On The Wall

Some of Lulu’s favourite images cluster on the wall near this restful geometric print (with added macrame garland for an extra boho touch).

A Neatly Organised Desk Is An Inviting Spot For Homework

A neatly organised desk is an inviting spot for homework.

Lulu's Displays Fun Stuff On The Shelves

Lulu’s displays fun stuff on the shelves, and provides clear space to work on.

Make Sure Everything Has A Home

Make sure everything has a home! This includes coloured pencils, pens and notebooks on a tody desktop.

Cork & Felt Boards To Display Pictures

Cork and felt boards up top display pictures and important notices – and lots of photos of friends and family.

A Dedicated Getting Ready Space

Lulu competes for bathroom time, so a dedicated ‘getting ready space’ helps her morning routine. Key features here are an eye-height mirror and a trolley holding make-up, hair brushes and toiletries.

Cute Storage Jars & Baskets

Cute storage jars and baskets mean Lulu can stash away small things like hair ties and hair pins, lipstick and cotton pads.

Staying Organised

Luly always know where to find them again.

Break Up The Dark Grey Carpet

Breaking up the dark grey carpet with a bit of texture and fun.

Round Jute Rug

There’s a round jute rug and a nod to Lulu’s childhood via a cute stack of Golden Books.

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