Real Plants? Faux Plants? Here's How To Mix Them Together

by Sam P.
Photo Credit: Natalie Jeffcott

Real Plants? Faux Plants? Here's How To Mix Them Together

Nature has provided us with a lot of options when it comes to modern-day house plants. Apartments now overflow with flax and ferns, and it feels like half of Australia has taken to collecting cacti, succulents or spider plants. It's a trend we're totally on board with - but in this age of indoor greenery, we're also big fans of indoor plant look-alikes.

The faux plant is making a comeback - and for good reason. If you love greenery but don't have the greenest thumb, faux plants can add natural vibes without the stress of keeping anything alive. Plus, they make us happy: the mood-boosting effects of greenery apply even if a plant is made of plastic.

Even with a green thumb and copious time to care for your budding air plants and ivies, living greenery can come with drawbacks. Those of us with pets know there are certain species you just can't have around. People who travel or move around may also find it difficult homing a large family of real plant babies.

Luckily, the 21st century has gifted us with options. The ability to mix and match fake and real plants means a world of possibilities for your home. Whether you're all about the real plants, all about the faux, or keen for a bit of both, we have some expert advice to help with plant care and styling.

Faux Plant Care

Faux plants will save you from the ritual of watering, but they still need occasional attention. A light dust now and then will keep them looking fresh. This is especially key if you've placed them out of reach - don't forget to clamber up on a stool every now and then and give them a wipe. If they're in the sun, rotate every few months to make sure your plants don't fade!

A big plus with fake plants is their ability to thrive in conditions that make real plants bite the dust. Faux plants can live happily on top of kitchen cabinets, in humid bathrooms, and in low-light or out-of-reach places. Combining different styles of faux plant in one space will enhance the realism of the look, so opt for plants of different heights, shades and even materials.

If your faux plants are on show alongside your living plants, use similar or complementing styles of pots and even soils to enhance similarities and draw the eye away from differences.

Real Plant Care

It goes without saying that real plants demand more care than faux, but be sure to do a little research on the specific needs of your greenery. Too much water can be a bad thing, and some plants have strong preferences when it comes to soil nutrition and potting. If you're buying from nurseries, you'll usually find helpful care instructions on a tab stuck into the soil. Or just chat with a helpful plant centre assistant.

If you're new to living plants and looking for some hard-to-kill options, expert gardeners recommend large-leafed classics like snake plants, rubber plants and philodendrons. These plants don't mind so much if you miss a water, and some are happy in low light. Tuck them in with a collection of faux plants and your home will be overflowing with greenery! Succulents like string of pearls plant are also a safe bet - and they're easy to mix with fake plants because even real succulents can look a little faux!

The best tip is to just have fun. Experiment by mixing easy-to-care-for living greenery with faux plants that catch your eye, and in no time your home will be looking lusciously green.

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