How to decorate your home this Christmas

How to decorate your home this Christmas

The most magical time of the year has come around again, which means it's time to start thinking about how you want to decorate your home for Christmas. At Spotlight we have a huge and beautiful range of quality Christmas decorations you can use in every room of your home, from the dining room to the bathroom! But if the sheer quantity of decorations is a bit overwhelming, this guide will help you decide how to decorate each major room in your home - check out our recommendations for Christmas room decorations below!

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Living room Christmas decorations

As the space in your home that will be frequented the most, as well as the usual location of the Christmas tree, your living room is the perfect place to really go all out with your Christmas decorations. We'll leave decorating the tree to you, but here are some fun ideas for decorating the rest of your lounge room:

  • Decorate your lounge set or armchairs with some of our festive Christmas cushions. They're a lovely way to add some small pops of colour to your living room, and they will make lounging around the tree on Christmas morning much more comfortable!
  • Prepare for Santa's arrival by hanging a Christmas stocking for each family member. Traditionally they are hung above the fireplace, but if you don't have one, along a bannister, railing or just from hooks in the wall are all options that work just as well!
  • Another way to decorate your couch or armchair is with a colourful blanket or throw. Perfect for cosying up under on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning, choose throws in traditional Christmas colours or featuring a cheery gingham pattern to help infuse your space with Christmas spirit.
  • Add some magic to your living room with any of our twinkling Christmas lights! Our Xmas string lights can be hung flat against your living room wall or can even be gracefully draped across the space to create a warm constellation right above your head!

Living Room Christmas Decorations

Dining room Christmas decorations

When you sit down with your loved ones for a delicious Christmas meal, you can make the moment even more special with a festively-decorated dining room table! You can learn more about creating a Christmas tablescape here, but here are some of the things you can use to spruce up your dining area:

  • Start with any of our joyful Christmas table linens, where you can add a tablecloth and then a lovely table runner down the centre of your table. If you have any Christmas ornaments you'd like to display, keep them on the centre runner so there's plenty of space left for the food.
  • If you have a lovely dining table you'd rather show off, use Christmas placemats to add beautiful colours while also protecting your table from hot plates and scratch marks.
  • Serve your delicious Christmas feast on any of our beautifully-designed Christmas platters and plates. Choose from segmented plates for snacks, large platters for impressive roasts and desserts and small, cute bowls and side plates for sweets.
  • Guests can help themselves from your tasty Xmas spread using their own beautiful Christmas dinnerware plate or bowl. Choose from washable ceramic dinnerware or recyclable paper plates for easy cleanup.
  • Finally, top off your Chrissy table with some quality Christmas drinkware for each guest! Whether you're after novelty mugs, classy tumblers or elegant wine glasses, we'll have a jolly selection to suit your dining room decor needs.

Dining Room Christmas Decorations

Kitchen Christmas decorations

The kitchen can become a bit frantic during Christmastime, but it's still a fun place to decorate during the silly season! Here's how you can style your kitchen without making it too cluttered to get your cooking done:

  • Cook in style while wearing any of our festive aprons! Not only will they keep your clothing free from spills and stains, but their gorgeous patterns will keep you in a festive mood no matter how hairy things get in the kitchen.
  • You'll probably be handling a lot of hot food on Christmas, so keep your hands totally protected with any of our Christmas oven mitts! We have single and double-joined oven mitts available to suit your preferred style of cooking.
  • Great for both utility and decoration, our Christmas tea towels come in packs of two and feature adorable prints you'll love!

Bathroom Christmas decorations

While you and your guests (hopefully!) won't be spending much time in the bathroom, it's still nice to have some cheery Christmas decorations in there to keep the holiday spirit alive.

  • Give your bathroom some warm ambience with a Christmas candle on the vanity. Scented Christmas candles can also help your bathroom smell wonderful while they're lit.
  • Bathrooms are a great place for greenery, and during Christmastime is no exception! Christmas floristry in the bathroom can be as subtle as a single faux snow pine sprig in a vase to as festive as an artificial poinsettia wreath behind the bathroom door. Choose plants to match your bathroom's current decor!
  • While towels with a full Christmas print belong at the beach, you can subtly highlight your bathroom with Christmas colours by using red and green bath towels, hand towels, bath mats and other bathroom linens around Christmas.

Indoor Christmas Decorations

Find indoor Christmas decorations at Spotlight

Whatever parts of your house you want to decorate this Christmas, you can find amazing decorations for affordable prices right here at Spotlight! View the entire Christmas range online, or visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly staff will help you choose the right Christmas decorations to suit your home.




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