Get To Know Cheerful Pottery Artist Shelby Sherritt

Get To Know Cheerful Pottery Artist Shelby Sherritt

Who is Shelby Sherritt and what is it that you create?

My name is Shelby Sherritt and I am an Australian Pottery artist. I create colourful, bright, and fun pottery that pays homage to Australian landscapes, flora and fauna. Using vibrant colours I create whimsical characters that bring joy with clay.

I am mostly known for my Australian Animal Posy Pots where I create Aussie Animals as pots that hold colourful wildflowers. I am also known for a video series I share online which uncovers what is inside vintage pottery moulds. I uncover what is inside and then paint them up and create new and unique ideas on them to inspire a community of art lovers.

Tell us about your career journey to date. Did you always know, you wanted to pursue this line of work?

I have always been a crafty person - I was never far from a project! I have fond memories of walking the isles of Spotlight with my Nana as she collected spools of wool and I collected random nick knacks to create whatever project I had thought up on school holidays. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with cancer that it really put things into focus for me. I was working a 9 to 5 at the time and could no longer work due to my illness. I started dabbling back into crafts and using them as a process to help with my healing and recovery. I loved it so much that I never went back and now create pottery full-time.

How did you cultivate your distinct style?

I have always loved playing with colour and creating things that bring joy. I love taking inspiration from the retro, bright colours of yesteryears. My style is derived from things that make me feel like a ray of sunshine or make me feel wholesome happiness when I look at them. I create based on these feelings, so that means big bold colours, lots of flowers and funny faces. I also like to make things that give me a cherry little giggle.

Talk us through your creative process. Where do you start?

I usually start out by going on a walk and trying to find some colourful flowers and natural wonders. I will take photos of these and bring them home as references. I start by sketching some vessel shapes and the illustrations I would like to create on them. I usually do a number of sketches so I can have a variety of ideas to work from. I then start creating the pottery piece and letting the creativity flow from there. Sometimes the ideas can just come to mind but I do love sourcing from the environment around me.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

In the morning, I check to see if there were any orders that have come in. I send out any orders and then start creating my first few pieces. I will either pour or wheel throw some clay vessels such as mugs, cups and pots. Once I have created all my vessels I begin painting and creating on the pieces that have dried out from the day before. I sometimes glaze a few pieces and make a few social media videos too. Everyday, I finish it off by unloading my kiln and packing it up with more goodies to fire just do it all again the next day. I am like a baker but for mugs and pottery goodies.

Make it March Fake Cakes

What has been your favourite project to work on so far?

I honestly get way too excited about too many projects. I think I just put so much excitement and passion in everything I do that I get attached to everyone. I might be a bit biased, but I am so excited to see what everyone thinks of my Make it March Fake Cakes. I had so much fun and did so many squeals of excitement every time the process progressed. A notable piece that is one of my favourites is my teapot set that I created at the end of last year. I created a matching teapot, teacups, saucers and milk jugs that have blooming pink flowering gum flowers with tiny little blue banded bees floating around them. It was so dreamy and one of my most detailed pottery pieces ever.

Who are your biggest artistic inspirations and why?

I have always adored May Gibbs for their gorgeous whimsical characters that always take me to a fantasy dreamland. On the parallel, I love the vibrancy and chaotic energy of Ken Done's work too. The colours spark so much nostalgic joy but a sense of freedom in creativity that I adore. I am also crushing on Ellie Whitaker who I feel is the combination of all the things that I am inspired by. I am always on the lookout for amazing artists that inspire new ways of using bright and bold colours and shapes.

Do you have a single piece of advice you'd give to your younger self or someone looking to pursue a similar line of work?

There is no better time to chase your dreams than right now. Don't wait, start playing, start creating, crafting, and exploring yourself through your works right now. It doesn't have to be good, it just has to be a start. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the start, the start is always different for everyone but as long as you begin that journey sooner rather than later you will have no regrets that you didn't try at all.

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