4 great sewing projects for every skill level

4 great sewing projects for every skill level

To sew or not to sew? It's not so much a question at Spotlight but a given - we just can't get enough of sewing! That's why we're constantly coming up with useful and remarkable sewing ideas to keep crafty hands and minds busy.

Whether you're a seasoned sewer or thinking it's about time you gave sewing a go, these four great sewing projects cater for a mix of skills, from beginners through to advanced, so we can confidently say there's something here for everyone.

Drawstring Cotton Bags

Drawstring Cotton bags

Skill level = beginners

For those starting their adventures in sewing, these handy drawstring bags require minimal labor and materials - under 50cms of fabric for the outside and for the lining, cotton rope and basic sewing items such as scissors, pins and sewing machine - to bring them to life.

Maybe you have a purpose for your bags in mind, such as carrying your kids' school or library books? Or you could just be keen to put some favourite fabric remnants to good use. Whatever your intention, these bags can be a fun and easy sewing project to either make yourself or as an activity to share with the littler ones in your home to introduce them to the creative satisfaction of sewing.

Flannel & Minky Stuffed Bunny

Flannel and minky stuffed bunny

Skill level = intermediate

When welcoming new babies into this world, nothing beats a beautiful handmade gift, and these softer-than-soft stuffed bunnies are sure to become a baby's most-cherished new toy.

Similar to our cotton bags project, these bunnies require very few materials - printed flannelette for the underbelly and inside the ears, minky dot for the outside, interfacing, safety eyes and some embroidery thread - but the skill comes in putting everything together. You'll need to get the right balance between the sizes of the ears, face, eyes and the pinch-tied hands and feet for maximum cuteness.

For those intermediate sewers verging on advanced, you might like to try rounding the ears and stitching a long strap tail to the back to miraculously turn your bunny into a mouse.

Toiletries Bag

Toiletries bags

Skill level = intermediate

As another great sewing idea, these large, medium and small zipped bags not only look sensational but they're perfect for storing your toiletries when travelling.

The use of cotton duck drill - a heavier twill weave - means your bags will be incredibly strong and durable. So, you could apply them to many other purposes too, especially those requiring a sturdy wet bag (e.g. carrying damp bathers from the beach, stashing makeup in your handbag or organising baby items in the pram, etc.)

Choose a material design that you're happy to wrap from the inside through to the outside, and then produce standalone, individual bags or match them together as a stunning collection. You might also like to select a design to complement other luggage items or accessories, like scarves and gloves, for something truly chic.

Prima Rainbow Quilt

Prima rainbow quilt

Skill level = advanced

Making a quilt of this nature is a long, but many would argue therapeutic, process that is as much about the creative journey as the final product. With its kaleidoscopic rainbow patterning, no one quilt will ever be the same, and the immersive colour experience is so fulfilling for the sewer.

Apart from having a good grasp of sewing techniques, a big part of the project is in the planning - preparing your template and then printing a grid page to assist with the colour layout. While rainbows are traditionally block colours, there's no reason why you couldn't reappropriate the rainbow design into arches of patterned material or stitch the same material across the whole of each arch (unlike the half arches we've used in here).

Quilts are the kind of gifts that get passed down through families like heirlooms, so infuse yours with love and take your time.

For more sewing inspiration, view our free sewing project sheets online now.




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