DIY Father's Day cards for crafty kids

DIY Father's Day cards for crafty kids

What do dads love more than terrible jokes and bear hugs? Handmade gifts from their kids, of course. Father's Day craft ideas are great for keeping kids entertained and helping them make all the special stuff that ends up going 'straight to the pool room'. It's also a lovely time for them to reflect on everything their father means to them. So why not celebrate all that dad loves with a DIY Father's Day card?

All you need for our nifty handmade Father's Day card is some felt, coloured card, buttons, scissors, hot glue gun - and a lot of love. It's an easy project for small hands to make (with some hot glue supervision, of course). Watch all the steps in the video below and download our project sheet for simple-to-follow instructions, then get cracking.

Of course all families are different, and our DIY Father's Day gifts are for all types of dad roles: rainbow dads, granddads, mums who do the work of dads, uncles, step-dads, and anyone else you'd like to celebrate this Father's Day.

While the template for our bow-tie card is pretty simple, kids can really go to town personalising it for their own dad. Is he a plaid or stripes kind of guy? Or maybe something more colourful and exotic? Have fun checking out designer card stock for a look that screams 'DAD', then add flair with buttons and a bow.

Of course, the final step is to write something heartfelt inside and present it on the big day. We find this card is best served with snazzy socks, homemade cupcakes or breakfast in bed. Along with plenty of hugs. Happy making, and don't forget to show us your creations on Instagram and Facebook by tagging @spotlightstores and #itswhatyoumakeit.




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