Alisha Henderson's 10 Tips To Elevate Your Cake Making Skills

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Alisha Henderson's 10 Tips To Elevate Your Cake Making Skills

Looking to step up your cake making game? Then look no further. Baking queen Alisha Henderson from Sweet Bakes has shared her must-know tips to help you create your next show stopper party cake.

1. Use a cake turn-table

If you want to create perfectly smooth buttercream cakes, you're going to need a cake turntable so you can glide around the cake easily with your spatula. One that locks into a stationary position is great for when you need to focus on details - it won't run away from you!

2. Acrylic cake scrapers = perfect cakes!

Clear cake scrapers with a beveled edge will allow you to make cakes with sharp 90 degree sides. This rectangular tool can help create a smooth finish for icings or ganache work and give you a professional finish for your cake.

3. Use a meringue based buttercream

The key to perfection! Not only is buttercream smooth and delicious but it is wonderful to paint with. I use a white icing colour to take out the yellow tinge, and then gel food colours to dye the buttercream.

4. Cake is your canvas!

I like to use artist palette knives to create beautiful oil paint-like finishes with buttercream and using paint brushes can also give you a stunning texture.

5. If tempering chocolate sends shivers down your spine - use Candy Melts!

Candy Melts are a super easy way to create chocolate cake decorations without the science of tempering. Simply microwave and stir! I like to use these by tapping some lustre powder into acrylic disc moulds, then pour the candy melts over and use the clear scraper to smooth them out. These will firm up in around 5-10 minutes and are ready to use on your cake.

6. Silicone brushes make stunning flowers!

I love using silicone brushes, they are SO much easier to clean. I like to create candy melt flowers with these by dropping on a dollop and brushing it into a petal shape. To assemble I use candy melts in a piping bag to adhere all the pieces together.

7. Sprinkles = ALWAYS!

Cake sprinkles and sanding sugar are such a wonderful cake decoration idea . I like to use these as centres to my chocolate and buttercream flowers.

8. Use 'Transfer Gold or Silver leaf'

Edible cake decorations like gold and silver leaves are incredibly delicate. You want to make sure the booklet is a 'transfer sheet' which means you can take each page out individually and have much more control over where you are applying it.

9. Use stunning fabric to gift wrap your treats!

Take your treats to the next level by wrapping them in some beautiful fabric. I ran a hem around this beautiful silk and tied it in a bow around this cake box.

Alisha Henderson's 10 Expert Tips

Elevate your cake making skills with Alisha's expert tips.

Alisha Henderson's 10 Expert Tips

Alisha shares her must-know tips to help you create your next show stopper party cake.


There are no rules when it comes to baking a cake, as long as it is delicious then the decoration is what you make it!

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