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Get the most accurate measurements when cooking or baking with our range of measuring spoons at Spotlight. Shop quality measuring spoons online now.

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Discover Handy Measuring Spoons For Your Kitchen At Spotlight

Whether you're adding an essential pinch of baking powder to your cake batter or a generous spoonful of spices to your dinner, our measuring spoons ensure you can always get your ingredient amounts correct when cooking. At Spotlight we've got all the measuring spoon sets you need for your kitchen in a gorgeous range of colours and shapes to suit your kitchen's decor style. When it comes to weighing and measuring ingredients, the experts at Spotlight have got you covered!

The best measuring spoon materials

Our measuring spoon sets come in two different material types for you to choose from.

  • Our hard plastic measuring spoons are durable and easy to clean. Their lovely smooth surface makes scooping ingredients easy, and we've got a rainbow of colour options you can pick from.
  • We also have measuring spoon sets with stainless steel handles. These are very durable and great for travelling with, as you don't need to worry about them snapping when chucked into your kitchen tools drawer. They still have plastic heads, so you can easily scoop out your ingredients.

Keep an eye out for our beautiful Avanti, Wiltshire, Appetito and OXO measuring spoons.

And make sure to check out the full range of our food preparation supplies for any other tools and accessories you might need.

Measuring spoon FAQs

What is a measuring spoon?

A measuring spoon is a small, spoon-shaped kitchen tool used for measuring out ingredients in the kitchen. You can find measuring spoons for dessert, table and teaspoon amounts, as well as half, quarter and third options for each. Measuring spoons will have their size clearly labelled on the handle so you know which is which from a glance.

How to use a measuring spoon

When scooping out ingredients with a measuring spoon, you should make sure your ingredient fills to the edges of the spoon but isn't in a high pile. Instead, make sure it has a flat top for an accurate measurement.

How do I clean a measuring spoon?

Plastic and metal measuring spoons can both be washed in the dishwasher - because they are so small, make sure to place them with your cutlery so they don't get lost in the back of your dishwasher. You can also hand wash them. Make sure, if your measuring spoon is made from two materials, that you clean the joint between them carefully to ensure no small amounts of food get stuck there.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other handy cooking and baking accessories you need to check out, including:

  • Measuring jugs: Measuring large amounts of liquid ingredients is easy with our glass and plastic measuring jugs. They all come with cup and millilitre measurements on either side, so you can follow your recipe without any confusing conversions.
  • Measuring cups: Our measuring cups are essential for baking and cooking! Grab a set from Spotlight and sure your meals come together properly every time.
  • Mixing bowls: Combine ingredients into any of our quality mixing bowls. We've got enamel, stainless steel and plastic mixing bowls for you to choose from.

Find the right measuring spoons at Spotlight

If you're ready to choose your measuring spoons from Spotlight, shop online, safely pay and we'll deliver your measuring spoon set to your home. You can also pop into your nearest Spotlight store to shop in person!

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