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Cook Easy and Keep Your Kitchen Organised With OXO Accessories From Spotlight

Make food prep and storage easier with the trusted food containers and accessories brand OXO. Spotlight is pleased to offer you a wide range of OXO's best products, including OXO containers, clips, tongs, graters and other kitchen accessories - all designed with ease of use in mind. With handy features like easy grip, non-slip grip and flexible base in many of their tools, OXO kitchen tools and accessories make peeling, flipping, coring, scooping and measuring a cinch!

What is the OXO story?

OXO was founded in New York in 1990 by American entrepreneur Sam Farber, who was inspired after seeing his wife Betsy, who was suffering from mild arthritis in her hands, struggle to grip her kitchen peeler. Together they designed and created a stainless steel peeler featuring an ergonomically-designed, non-slip handle that we still see used today!

OXO continuously brings that same ingenuity to all of its designs, with flexible, grippy utensils and smartly-designed containers at the forefront of their collections.

OXO Kitchenware FAQs

What are OXO POP containers?

The OXO POPs Containers are some of the best food storage boxes in the business, thanks to a host of useful features. OXO POPs containers are air-tight, featuring a push-down button on the lid to seal your food in safely. Each food container is designed to be stackable and dishwasher-safe, with fill lines for measuring and rounded corners for the smooth dispense of pasta, rice, cereal and lentils.

What features make OXO products easier to use?

OXO kitchen and cooking accessories are full of useful features to help make them easier to use! These include:

  • Soft grip - if you've ever had to put some force into a kitchen tool and felt the hard, rigid handle bite back into your hand, you'll enjoy the OXO soft grip feature found on many OXO gadgets. Soft grip tools are perfect for anyone with sore or delicate hands who want to prep food without pain.
  • Non-slip handle - there's nothing scarier than trying to cut or peel something and having your hand slide down or even off the tool you're using! The textured non-slip grip found on OXO peelers, scoopers and cutters ensures you can make definitive slices without worrying about your safety as you work.
  • Flexible spine - struggled to flip pancakes or turn burger patties with the classic stiff kitchen tools? Look for the 'flexible turner' label on OXO products, which denotes a flexible silicone base that makes flipping foods on a flat surface easy.

How do I use an OXO mandoline slicer?

Mandoline slicers can look a bit intimidating at first, and they can definitely be a hazard to your fingers if used incorrectly. To safely use an OXO mandoline slicer, first choose how thick you want your slices to be by changing the thickness adjuster. Then secure your food to the holder by firmly pressing the spiky underside of the holder into your food. Grip the holder tightly and slide the food over the blade located on the body of the slicer and watch through the transparent surface as your perfectly even slices build up!

What Else Can I Find For My Kitchen At Spotlight?

Now that you've got your OXO kitchen utensils sorted let's beef up your kitchen with a few other handy items!

  • Storage containers - keep your pantry neat and organised with our huge range of kitchen storage containers. For some helpful ideas, read our pantry storage blog!
  • Kitchen canisters - our range of glass, tin and plastic drink and food canisters are ideal for sorting your tea and coffee at home.
  • Storage jars - small and stylish, our storage jars are perfect for showing off or even gifting your homemade jams, spreads and honey, or for storing any other small goods you want easy access to.

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Make kitchen life easier with the help of OXO containers and kitchen utensils. You can shop the range online and have your order home delivered, or visit your local Spotlight store to browse in person. For a little help in outfitting your kitchen with the best storage, read our kitchen storage buying guide online. And for more great creative, party and decor ideas, browse our ideas blog now!



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