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Display Art the Right Way with the Wall Art Ideas from Spotlight!

Having some wall art in your home is the first step to creating a symbiotic living environment. However, there are some rules connected to hanging art on your walls. Today, we are covering the main rules for you, so once you have obtained wall art from Spotlight, you can get the most out of it!

What Is the First Rule to Hanging Up Wall Art in Your Home?

One of the main rules you should consider when purchasing wall art is keeping your artwork within your own preferences. Art should display your own interests, but should also match the aesthetics of your home. These are just some of the few things to take into consideration. So, when you choose a piece of wall art that means something to you, be sure it matches the aesthetics of your home too.

What Is the Second Rule to Hanging Up Wall Art in Your Home?

Before you select your wall art from Spotlight, it is essential to evaluate the rooms in the house for available space. Most interior designers will recommend choosing wall art that covers at least two-thirds or three-quarters of your wall - this ensures the wall art is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter a room.

Of course, the type of wall art you choose can impact the size of the wall art too. If you prefer contemporary art pieces, then it is advised to choose a bigger piece of wall art for maximum effect. However, this rule is not that important for traditional and modern pieces of art.

What Is the Third Rule to Hanging Up Wall Art in Your Home?

The height where you hang your wall art does have an impact on how much attention it gets. One of the main rules to consider when hanging up the wall art you have obtained from Spotlight is making sure your wall art hangs at eye-level height.

Naturally, there are some additional things to consider when you choose your height. For example, are you going to stand in the room more than you will be sitting down? The answer to this question will affect how high you will hang your wall art.

What Is the Fourth Rule to Hanging Up Wall Art in Your Home?

Depending on the wall art you have obtained, you may or may not need a frame. If you do decide to frame the artwork, be sure to carefully consider the frame you choose for this artwork. One type of art that may require a frame is photography.

Many interior designers have their own preferences for displaying photography, but most of them recommend a frame in Plexiglas or acrylic materials, since this makes photography just that little bit better.

What Is the Fifth Rule to Hanging Up Wall Art in Your Home?

Most people like to hang up wall art above their sofa or another piece of furniture - this to decorate the walls or make the room a little more colourful. There are some general rules connected to hanging your wall art above furniture - this relates to the space between the furniture and the art.

When hanging wall art above a piece of furniture, it is recommended to have at least 15 to 30 centimetres between the furniture piece and your wall art. Putting your wall art too close or too high compared to the furniture will disrupt the flow of your room, but also make the room appear unfinished.

What Is the Last Rule to Hanging Up Wall Art in Your Home?

The final rule is more of a tip to our valued customers. Large pieces of wall art can be more expensive, but there is a way to counter that. Instead, you can get several pieces of smaller wall art, and combine them in your home.

There is another alternative for customers that want to save some cash. If you already own some wall art, but if it could use some additional refurbishing, you could get some beautiful frames and reframe your current artwork for your home. These are just some of the simple tips that could save you a load of money on art.

What Wall Art Can I Obtain from Spotlight?

Spotlight has wall art to match every customer's needs, so be sure to check out our catalogue to discover countless amazing wall art options. Of course, our store also provides some excellent frames, which you could use to frame some existing photography or art you already have in your home.

Do you have any questions about our wall art? Or do you want more information about the frames available for your existing art? For more information about wall art, or for all your wall art questions, do not hesitate to contact our Spotlight team!



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