On-Stone Prints

Canvas wall art and poster prints have ruled interior decoration for a long time. Now, a new – or should we say old – player is taking the market by storm. On-stone prints have become really popular over the year and it is not difficult to see why. Spotlight now provides its customers with a range of stone prints, suited to meet your artistic requirements. Have a look at the range and find a print that could stand the test of time in your home!

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The Best Ways To Hang Pictures And Wall Art

The entire vibe of a room can change with some strategically placed wall art. That being said, when you are hanging some new pictures and prints, the entire process can become a little frustration if you are in doubt about their location. With our easy guide, you will find the perfect layout for your favourite wall art in minimal time.

How Do I Measure My Wall For Wall Art?

While it is not an obligation, there are some advantages to measuring your wall before you hang your wall art up. In fact, it could be advantageous to take the measurements before you purchase the art in question, as it could provide you with a prime location without any trouble.

To ensure the size of the wall art matches your walls, start by measuring the width of the wall. Next, multiply the total width by 0.57, this provides you with the maximum measurement for your artwork in width. Please note that this does not have to be a single piece of art, you can also use this measurement for two smaller pieces. For example, if the outcome of your multiplication is 400, you could use two pieces with a width of 200. You could go a little smaller too, just make sure there is a decent sized gap in the middle that equals the difference.

What Is The Recommended Way To Hang Wall Art On The Wall?

There are a couple of recommended ways to hang wall art, yet it is not an exact science. There's the gallery approach, but you could just go by your intuition as well. Let's take a closer look at the options available to you.

Gallery style: If you prefer the gallery look, you should hang the middle of your painting approximately 145 - 150 centimetres from the floor. Evidently, you can argue that wall art should be at eye height. This is something we will elaborate on next.

Intuition: Most people that hang their wall art by intuition usually choose eye height. This means that the painting will hang according to your height, which makes for best viewing. Of course, this method does not consider viewers that may be shorter or taller than you.

Grouping: When you have multiple pieces of art, you can hang them together on the same wall. Of course, there is also a method to this. Before you hang your wall art, divide the allocated space in four squares or a large circle. You could either hang your wall art within the circle at a random location or arrange them along the squares.

Furniture: You must consider furniture when you hang your wall art. When you hang a piece that is the wrong size, it could ruin the entire design of the room.

Let's take the example of a sofa and a piece of wall art hanging behind it. To get the right effect, your wall art should be 2/3rds of the width of your sofa. So, it can be beneficial to measure before you purchase the piece.

The sofa is not the only piece of furniture where this measurement rule applies. You could also apply this rule to the fireplace or other pieces of furniture inside your home, for example, a dresser.

Finally, you could also hang some wall art by the stairs. To get the best result, we recommend applying the rule we mentioned earlier with a slight twist. There should be a distance of 145 centimetres between each stair and the bottom of the wall art. By doing this, you can get a beautiful ascending and descending range of wall art in one of the areas of the room that is most difficult to decorate.

Finding The Best Artwork For Your Interior

When you have a specific style in your home, you will notice that certain art and frames do not necessarily work for the colour scheme and the general style inside the room. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the colour and the design of your wall art carefully. Consider furniture, flooring, and wall colours. Do not forget to incorporate your own preferences as well, otherwise there is little point in hanging artwork. Why not check out some of the amazing and versatile options we have?



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