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Decorate Your Space With Unique Shaped Candles

When redecorating your space, it's important to consider the finer details. Candles in particular not only elevate your home styling but assist in establishing an ambience that promotes calmness and relaxation. In shopping for candles, think about the decor style they offer. Shaped candles bring shape and dimension to your living space while also acting as a feature that contributes to this ambience. Shop for shaped candles for an added artistic charm.

Shaped Candles FAQs

How to style shaped candles?

With a variety of shapes, textures and styles, shaped candles bring an artistic accent to any room they are placed in. Display your shaped candle by itself as a decorative piece for an eye-catching work of art. For a sense of cohesion, create a layered arrangement by organising three or more candles in a triangle structure. When lit, this emits a feeling of peacefulness that transforms any space into a candlelit sanctuary. In order to establish a contrasting setting, think about displaying your shaped candle among more classic-shaped candles. This allows your new decorative piece to stand out for a whimsical charm.

How to use shaped candles?

Shaped candles can be lit just the same as regular candles, creating a delightful display of light and shape. However, to limit mess, ensure the shaped candle is fitted securely into a candle holder. This prevents the wax from the candle dripping onto your surfaces which may cause damage to your bookshelf, table or benchtop. Please make sure to never leave a candle unattended and follow any safety instructions if provided.

What else can I find at Spotlight?

To elevate your home decor, be sure to explore Spotlight's extensive collection of candles, including:

  • Jar candles: With no need for candle holders, jar candles are typically easy to light and are usually created with fragrance in mind. Whether you're wanting a citrus scent for summer or a woody scent for winter, Spotlight has you covered for the aroma of your choice.
  • Pillar and Taper Candles: Typically displayed in candle holders, these types of candles are classic and timeless, bringing an elegant touch to any room they're placed in
  • Tealight candles: Smaller in design, tealight candles make for the perfect table centrepiece when organised down the length of the table. They don't take up as much room on a table setting and are incredibly easy to style. They can also be used under wax warmers to help to melt wax in order to emit a fragrance.

Find The Right Shaped Candles At Spotlight

Discover stunning shaped candles and home fragrance essentials at Spotlight. Shop online, pay your way and we'll deliver straight to your door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the best reed diffusers for your space. For more information on our range of fragrances, read through our buying guide on candles and home fragrances.



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