Now you can make stunning jewellery including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more with the enormous range of beads and jewellery items available from Spotlight and find all the tools you need to complete your projects right here. Make your work easier with these clever bead design boards, knotting tools, pliers and more and browse the fantastic range of ImpressArt stamps, tools and foundation pieces which will enable you to create unique and personal jewellery items with fun images or inspirational inscriptions of your choice, for many different occasions.

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Can I purchase jewellery making tools from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. We have a vast range of tools available here at Spotlight for all your jewellery making needs. Stock up now to ensure that you have that necessary item ready for when inspiration strikes.

What jewellery making tools do you have at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, we have everything you need for achieving that professional finish. Whether you are new to making DIY jewellery, or you have been a serious hobbyist for some time, we have the tools you require to make and finish your very own work of art. From beading boards and looms to ImpressArt's expansive collection of metal stamping accessories, shop online or in store today for all your jewellery making needs at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices.

How do I use ImpressArt Stamps?

ImpressArt is a world leading brand in metal stamping, shop our collection ofImpressArtproducts and express yourself through the medium of metal. Whether it's a particular design or logo, or you want to include words or names using their range of letters,ImpressArt has the product you need to emboss your jewellery. In this section, you will also find a variety of metal tags and pendants for you to use with your metal stamps, create a tag for your loving pet or add a special date to your piece for a personalised gift.

Too use ImpressArt metals stamps. You should begin with one of their range of metal pieces or your work and place this on the steel stamping block. Use tape to keep it in place. After you have aligned your work, place the stamp so that the head of the stamp is flush with the metal. Using the hammer, apply medium pressure to the stamp and repeat this last step until you have achieved your desired impression. BothImpressArt and our team here at Spotlight recommend that you test new stamps on scrap pieces of metal before applying them to your work so that you can decipher the required pressure for the look that you want.

Which tools are for beaded jewellery?

At Spotlight, we also have a range of tools specifically for making beaded jewellery. A bead design board, for example, will allow you to lay out your design and you can even make numerous items at the same time. Or try one of our knotters' tools that holds your craft in place, so you can make a knot naturally using two hands. Perhaps you wish to learn a different way of creating beaded jewellery, try out our American Indian Bead Loom kit and make beautifully intricate bracelets and necklaces while learning the art of Native American beading.

Is there anything else I need to know?

We would also take this opportunity to remind you that these products are not suitable for young children as they can pose a risk of accident or injury. Please make sure that tools are kept out of the reach of children at all times.



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