Beading Tools & Accessories

Ever fancied making your own stunning jewellery designs? Now you can find all the necessary tools and gadgets here at Spotlight, as well as a large range of beads, clasps and other essentials. Included in the range are numerous types of wire, thread and chains, as well as the pliers and other tools needed to cut, shape and finish off your designs. With ImpressArt kits, you can also stamp and emboss jewellery such as tags, bracelets and pendants with your own designs, inscriptions, names and inspirational sayings to make unique and individual pieces of art.

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Can I purchase Beading Tools and Accessories from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have just about everything that you could possibly need to create your very own stunning beaded jewellery at home. Whether you are an expert jewellery maker or learning the craft, you are sure to find the tools that you need amongst this fabulous selection of beading tools and accessories. With such incredible deals on all of our jewellery making components, stock up now and be prepared for the next time inspiration strikes.

What is included in the Beading Tools and Accessories range from Spotlight?

This range features a wide assortment of wire, threads, chains and all the tools that you need to create your very own jewellery at home. You will find an assortment of wires and chains, in a variety of thicknesses and materials, alongside threads and cords to string your selection of beads. Whether you are looking for finishings, pliers, or the perfect personalised charm to add to your necklace. The ImpressArt selection is a great way to add intricate designs to metal charms or tags, and there is so many unique ImpressArt stamps and tools here at Spotlight. If you are looking for jewellery making supplies, then our fabulous range of Beading Tools and Accessories is a great place to look.

What else can I make with these items?

While these beading tools and accessories are predominantly associated with jewellery making, they can be used for a variety of different crafts. The only limit is your imagination. Use these fabulous items while dressmaking, making handbags and purses or even for crafting home decor items. This selection includes our various floral wires, a necessary piece of equipment for anyone that enjoys flower arranging as well as ImpressArt Stamps that will allow you add a personalised touch to any metal craft. It's up to you really, and you can find plenty of ideas and inspiration online.

Which wire should I buy for my homemade jewellery?

Well, that depends on you really and the finished project that you have in mind. If you are shopping for jewellery wire, tiger tail wire is seen to be very strong and flexible whereas memory wire returns to the loop that was formed during manufacture, making it the perfect medium for making hoop earrings and bangles. If you are purchasing gold and silver wire you can choose between dead soft, which is very flexible, half hard which is in between, or full hard for a tough, more durable wire. We would like to take this opportunity to advise you to only use a sterling silver wire or chain if you are using sterling silver components, not silver plated.

Do you have any tips on jewellery making for beginners?

Jewellery making comes together with our fabulous collection of beading tools and accessories here at Spotlight. We have everything you need for achieving that professional finish on your beautiful handcrafted creations. Whether you are new to making DIY jewellery, or you have been a serious hobbyist for some time, we have the tools you require to make and finish your very own work of art. Choose colours that complement each other, or get a string of beads in vivid colour for that perfect statement jewellery to finish off your outfit. Whether you are looking for soft natural stone or sparkling charms, we have the ideal components for your project. From beading boards and looms to ImpressArt's expansive collection of metal stamping accessories, shop online or in store today for all your jewellery making needs at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices.



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