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How Do I Find A New Craft To Try?

Since crafting has been popular for as long as we can remember, it is not uncommon for crafters to try out something new from time to time. Even if you are passionate about your current craft, nothing is stopping you from trying another. But, which craft could you try?

Evidently, there are dozens of crafts that you could do nowadays. We line up some of the most popular crafts and their benefits to help you narrow down the choices.

What Should I Know About Knitting?

Knitting is a craft that has been around for decades. While it was associated with the older population a couple of years ago, knitting is quite popular among younger crafters as well. In fact, even schools tackle knitting as a crafting project. In other words, it is a craft the entire family could potentially enjoy.

Studies have also shown that knitting could have a bunch of health benefits too. It has shown to reduce anxiety, but also seems a useful tool in breaking unwanted habits. So, knitting also has a bunch of psychological benefits for those crafters who attempt it.

Should I Choose Embroidery As A Craft?

If you have good eye for detail and good fine motor skill, embroidery might be the thing for you. Just like knitting, you can make many fun things as an embroiderer. You can embroider baby blankets, but also make some decorative tapestries for inside the home. The possibilities are endless.

The only real downside to embroidery is that it requires precision, patience and a little bit of skill. If you aren't known for your patience, then you may have a tough time mastering the skills. On the flipside, embroidery is a relatively affordable craft that anyone can pick up for a minimal investment.

Are There Benefits In Painting?

When you look back at your childhood, we are pretty certain that you spend a lot of time drawing and painting. Some people also have a natural creativity, causing them to pick up painting in adulthood as well.

Painting has shown to have countless benefits for the development of children, and there are psychological benefits for adults too. It is often used in all types of therapy for a variety of reasons, so the benefits for the mind cannot be denied.

While painting is a lovely hobby, it does become more expensive as you become more proficient. You may have to invest into an easel and more expensive paints to get better results. Still, if you build your painting collection over time, you can spread the cost without breaking the bank at one given time.

What Is Macrame?

When you have been browsing for a new craft to try, you may have encountered the word macrame. Now, macrame is certainly not a new craft, because it has been around for centuries. While it was almost forgotten as a craft form, it recently made a comeback.

Macrame is a craft that enables you to create a textile by using various knotting techniques. In other words, you could compare it to knitting or weaving. Of course, since the you use knots to make the textiles, you can expect quite a different result.

Since macrame is nothing more than knotting decorative pieces of thread, this is one of the most affordable crafts to get into. Don't get fooled by the simple explanation of this craft though, because there are incredibly complex knots that take a long time to master. So, when you start with a new craft such as macrame, you can have years of fun without becoming bored for a single minute.

New Crafting Supplies At Spotlight

Our range of crafting books is just a small section of the crafting supplies we offer here at Spotlight. If you are looking to pick up one of the latest crafts, or simply looking to switch to one of the traditional crafts out there, you can always find the relevant supplies at Spotlight too.

To find our crafting supplies, simply head over to the crafting section in our catalogue. Then, select the craft that piques your interest and view the supplies we offer. Once you have made your decision, we can guarantee that you will not find a better price for those items anywhere else.



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