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In the world of crafts, macrame is often forgotten. This hidden craft has picked up in popularity though, which means you can now enjoy a large range of macrame supplies at Spotlight. But what do you need for macrame? And are there certain things you need to know? Read on to find out everything you need to know!

Which Cords Do I Need To Start With Macrame?

The beauty about macrame is that you can use a variety of cords to create your projects. When you look in our macrame section, you will notice just how many different types you could choose from. From cotton and twine to leather, there are plenty of options out there for those fascinated with this exquisite craft.

When choosing the rope for your macrame project, always ask yourself what you are working on. For example, leather macrame cords are brilliant for jewellery-making, while cotton is better for wall hangings. If you are making a blanket with macrame techniques, then use a simple yarn cord instead.

Why Do I Need Sewing Pins For Macrame?

This can be confusing for crafters who have never tried macrame before, but the principle is very simple. The sewing pins are used to keep a hold of your cords during the knotting process. It is quite easy for knots to get tangled, making it impossible to get the right pattern.

Don't have any sewing pins nearby? No worries, you can also use thumbtacks to keep the cords in the right order. There are also specialist macrame pins to make this process easier.

What Surface Should I Do Macrame On?

This depends heavily on the scope of your project. Some crafters have to work through their macrame by hanging it down from a door or another tall object. Smaller projects can be done with something called a project board.

Creating a project board for macrame does not have to cost you loads. You can use something simple like a Styrofoam board or even one of your old foam yoga mats. The only requirement your project board must have is that you can stick some pins in it.

Before you start on your project, you will also need a so-called anchor. The anchor in macrame is a piece of wood, metal or plastic, this is where the knotting material will be attached to.

What Can I Use As An Anchor?

There are various things you can use as an anchor. You can purchase anchors from our macrame collection, which includes macrame rings. Please note that rings often require a different working method for macrame knots, so we often recommend that beginners start with a simple wooden or metal bar for their macrame projects.

Please note that the size of the anchor can influence the size of your macrame project. So, be sure to choose an anchor that is wide and big enough to fit your project's future intended use and purpose.

What Are The Most Common Macrame Knots?

To get familiar with all the knots and their matching techniques, we recommend obtaining one of the macrame guides from Spotlight. However, we have described some of the most common macrame knots below to help you get started.

The reverse lark's head - To start, divided your cord in two halves and place them upon one another to ensure they are completely even. Making a mistake here could cause your entire project to fail, so this is the most important part of learning this knot.

Once you have your cord divided in half, place the loop of the cord underneath the anchor. Then, take the ends of the cord and pull them through the loop. Pull the ends nice and tight to get your first reverse lark's head knot.

The half knot - This type of knot is often placed next to the reverse lark's head as a transition. To make the half knot, you therefore need to make a reverse lark's head first. Then, take the right cord and fold it loosely over the left. Take the end of the left cord and pull it through the created loop. Tighten to get your half knot.



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