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Shop shell beads for your jewellery making project and add a lovely beachy touch. Discover the range of shell beads in a range of shapes and sizes.

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Discover the Beautiful Range of Shell Beads For Your Project

Discover the allure of shell beads, natural treasures renowned for their iridescent beauty and versatility in crafting. Popular for their organic appeal and varied shapes, shell beads are ideal for creating beach-inspired jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Their smooth texture and unique patterns make them perfect for embellishing accessories like handbags and sandals, adding a touch of coastal charm. You can also incorporate shell beads into home decor projects like wind chimes or picture frames for a beachy aesthetic in your home. At Spotlight, we offer a stunning range of shell beads in different sizes and colours, perfect for bringing the tranquillity of the sea into your world. Explore our collection today and unleash your seaside-inspired creativity!

Explore Spotlight's exquisite range of seashell beads and shell beads, perfect for adding coastal elegance to your crafting projects. Our shell beads offer natural beauty and come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ideal for creating unique jewellery pieces and artwork. Discover the timeless allure of cowrie shell beads, known for their smooth, glossy surfaces and versatility in jewellery making. For a touch of shimmer, our glass shell beads provide a range of colours and finishes, perfect for adding sparkle to your designs. Dive into creativity with our conch shell beads, offering distinct patterns and textures for enhancing your crafts. Whether you're designing jewellery, home decor or fashion accessories, Spotlight's range of seashell beads has you covered. Shop our entire range of shell beads including seashell beads, cowrie shell beads, conch beads and much more in-store or online at Spotlight today!

Shell Beads FAQs

What Do Cowrie Shell Beads Mean?

Cowrie shell beads historically symbolise wealth, fertility and protection. They were used as currency in Africa and Asia, making them a symbol of prosperity. In various cultures, they represent femininity and fertility due to their shape. Additionally, cowrie shells are believed to offer protection and are used in jewellery and spiritual practices.

What Is Unique About A Cowrie Shell?

Cowrie shells are unique due to their glossy, smooth surface and distinctive, polished appearance. Their natural beauty and durability made them historically significant as currency in various cultures. The shell's structure, with a small opening and rounded shape, is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally robust.

What Do Conch Shells Symbolise?

Conch shells symbolise power, purity and spiritual awakening in various cultures. In Hinduism and Buddhism, they represent divine sound and are used in rituals and ceremonies. The conch's spiral shape signifies infinity and the cycle of life. Additionally, conch shells are associated with maritime strength and protection, often used as talismans and decorative items.

What Are Shell Beads?

Shell beads are decorative items made from various types of seashells, crafted into small, perforated pieces for stringing. Used historically as currency, jewellery and in rituals, they hold cultural significance in many societies. Their natural beauty and durability make them popular in fashion and art, symbolising a connection to the sea and nature.

Shop Our Entire Range Of Shell Beads At Spotlight Today

At Spotlight, we offer an extensive beads & jewellery making range including beads, glass beads, bead thread, cord & stringing, bead tools & accessories, bead storage and more that are sure to provide inspiration to enhance the appeal of your bracelets and jewellery. Shop stunning shell beads online at Spotlight and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right beading and craft supplies for your project. Looking for more jewellery making and craft inspiration? Look no further than our Jewellery & Beading Projects for an abundance of interior styling tips and ideas such as Cowrie Shell Earrings & Bracelet Project and Multi Strand Necklace Project.



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