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Discover the Vast Range of Art & Craft Supplies For Your Project

Are you browsing our crafts and hobbies range to get some inspiration? Looking for a new craft you can sink your teeth into? If so, be sure to check out Spotlight's range of craft supplies and ideas today. At Spotlight, you can find arts and crafts supplies to cover an enormous range of arts and crafts projects. We stock well-known brands such as Cricut, Crayola, Derwent, Reeves and much much more. Spotlight is your one store shop for everything art and craft related!

Pursue Your Craft and Hobbies With Spotlight

At Spotlight, we are here to help you pursue your creative endeavours and enjoy your hobbies. Our range of supplies covers a huge variety of craft types, read more below if you're looking to try something new!

  • Papercrafting: Papercraft is an extremely popular hobby, although it is often overlooked by those looking for a new craft to sink their teeth into. However, papercraft could help you create some wonderful things, since papercraft is a term used to describe all types of arts and crafts involving paper as an artistic medium. Common crafts that fall under the papercraft umbrella include scrapbooking, card making, paper flower making, decoupage, paper Mache, origami, paper cutting, quilling, paper making, and book binding. Find essential paper crafting supplies such as ephemera, washi tape and card-making supplies.
  • Beading and jewellery making: Jewellery crafting is basically crafting your own jewellery, but the types of jewellery you can create are almost endless. Jewellery crafters can use basic tools such as wire and beads, but also genuine silver and gold. The materials used for jewellery crafting does depend on a person's skill level. Most jewellery crafters will start with the basics, which is usually creating beaded necklaces and bracelets. However, when a jewellery crafter becomes more advanced, they can start working with moulds, silver, and more valuable materials in general.
  • Needlecraft: Also known under the name needlework, is a craft that involves decorative sewing. Therefore, anything that involves a needle combined with fabric or yarn could be referred to as needlecraft. Popular needlecrafts include crochet and needle art. Crafters who are interested in picking up needlecraft will need impeccable fine motor skills. In some cases, the crafter must also have some good knowledge of fabrics, since this can have an impact on a project. So, before you pick up needle art, it could be a good idea to do a little bit of research.
  • Painting and Drawing: Express your creativity with amazing painting supplies and drawing supplies from Spotlight. Find quality art paints, paint palettes, mediums, inks and art paint brushes at great prices.

Spotlight's range of art and craft supplies extends far beyond the above, browse online or visit your nearest store to experience the vast collection.

Art & Craft Supplies FAQs

What crafts are good for kids?

There are many amazing crafts for kids that help them develop their fine motor skills and creativity. Some popular kids' crafts include clay modelling, finger painting, drawing and colouring. You can shop a great selection of kids' craft supplies and activity kits at Spotlight, perfect for school holidays, parties and at-home entertainment!

What are some beginner-friendly craft project ideas?

If you are beginning to explore crafting or looking for a new hobby, look no further than the FREE Projects sheets from Spotlight. We have a huge amount of craft project ideas with step-by-step instructions to get you started easily.

Discover the Extensive Range of Art Supplies & Craft Supplies at Spotlight

At Spotlight, customers can find supplies for all the crafts mentioned above, but many others too! Spotlight has an entire range filled with affordable crafting supplies, so you can always find what you are looking for in our store. Explore the massive selection today which includes beads, jewellery-making supplies, art supplies, stationery, craft storage solutions and basic craft supplies such as glitter, rhinestones, craft foam and much more. Do you have a question about our crafting supplies? Visit us in-store or view our comprehensive buying guides for in-depth information. Spotlight is here to help you Create, Decorate and Celebrate every day at low prices.



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