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Draw Out Your Inner Artist With Staedtler!

No matter if you're a pencil, marker or pen-based artist, Staedtler's range of art supplies is sure to impress! At Spotlight we're delighted to offer both new and experienced artists a fantastic range of Staedtler pencils, pens, markers and other creative tools, all at amazing prices. Perfect for school, work, home and professional use, you'll be delighted by the quality Staedtler art supplies have to offer!

Create all kinds of drawings with all kinds of Staedtler art supplies

Browse the full range of art supplies and craft supplies now at Spotlight! We have a huge range of Staedtler drawing supplies for you to choose from, including:

  • Staedtler pens: You can find both soft fibre-tip pens and hard fineliner pens under the Staedtler brand. Staedtler also offers classic blue, red and black pens that are ideal for office and schoolwork, as well as calligraphy pens. Check out the Staedtler triplus fineliner for a reliable fineliner great for all kinds of work!
  • Staedtler markers: Available in every colour of the rainbow, there's sure to be a Staedtler marker pack to suit your needs. You can also find highlighters, fabric markers and Staedtler whiteboard markers here.
  • Staedtler pencils: From the ever-useful grey lead to full watercolour pencil tin sets, Staedtler has a lovely range of coloured and utility pencils for you to choose from. There are also mechanical pencils available.
  • Staedtler drawing tools: Handy tools like sharpener tubs, rulers and erasers can also be found here, to round out your artistic collection.

Staedtler FAQ

What is Staedtler?

Founded in 1835 in Germany by Johann Sebastian Staedtler, The Staedtler company is today headquartered in Nuremberg. It is the largest European manufacturer of universal pens, wood-encased pencils and modelling clay, and is present in over 150 countries today.

Where are Staedtler products made?

Almost two-thirds of all Staedtler products are made in Germany, with the rest being made in Japan.

Are Staedtler products environmentally friendly?

Staedtler products are designed with longevity in mind, with each product being as durable and sustainable as possible. Staedtler's pencils are made using recycled wood chips, which also makes them break-resistant (longer lasting) and denser (more pleasant to use). They are also committed to using sustainable packaging, with 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging as their goal for 2025 - as well as the elimination of single-use plastics.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

For all your other needs, take a look at our arts and crafts collection online. Spotlight has many other amazing art and craft supplies for you to indulge in, including:

  • Calligraphy pens: Create stunning lettering using our range of calligraphy pens, available in classic black and a variety of beautiful colours.
  • Sewing fabrics: Sew clothing, home decor and furnishings using our incredible range of quality sewing fabrics.
  • School supplies: Back-to-school shopping has never been easier with our range of colourful school supplies.

Find The Right Staedtler Art Supplies At Spotlight

You can buy Staedtler art supplies online at Spotlight, and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. Otherwise, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the right Staedtler art supplies for your needs. Make sure to read our buying guides on pens, pencils and markers, paper and card, and scrapbooking before making your purchases. And for amazing creative ideas, check out our Create blog for articles like how to master drawing with markers, how to use watercolour pencils and how to draw a koala.



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