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Discover Amazing Reproduction Fabrics for Your Quilting Projects at Spotlight!

Reproduction fabrics are popular amongst quilters. These types of fabrics are throwbacks from olden times, so they can be used for a variety of quilting projects. Curious what the best quilting projects are at Spotlight? Or need some inspiration for your reproduction quilting project? Check out our top suggestions below!

What Is the First Recommended Reproduction Fabric for Quilting?

Our first recommendation may be a little too modern compared to the usual reproduction fabrics, but this recommendation certainly belongs to this list due to the lettering used on the fabric.

Our first suggestion is the Postale Fabric, which is characterised by beautiful butterflies and old postal card exerts. The Postale Fabric has a width of 150 centimetres and is made from the finest cotton. The texture and reproduction design make this fabric suitable for a variety of quilting projects - this includes cushion covers, wall art, and loads more.

What Is the Second Recommended Reproduction Fabric for Quilting?

Even though most people believe reproduction fabric will have quite the traditional look, there are some reproduction fabrics that look quite bold too - this is certainly the case for the Boho Multicoloured Fabric from our collection.

The Boho Multicoloured Fabric features a number of hexagons, each containing a reproduction design. This fabric also has a clear Indian influence, which is no surprise considering this exquisite fabric has been produced in India.

Our Boho Multicoloured Fabric measures a spacious 120 centimetres in width and consists of 100% cotton fibres. The material is also unlined, which provides quilters with a lot more freedom where the design of their quilting project is concerned.

What Is the Third Recommended Reproduction Fabric for Quilting?

The third recommended reproduction fabric for quilting is our stunning Cornflower Fabric in indigo. Flowers are making a comeback this year, so there is no limit to the number of projects you can use this fabric for.

Our Cornflower Fabric in indigo has a width of 120 centimetres and is made from the finest cotton. Like our previous suggestion, this fabric is unlined, enabling quilters to use their own lining for their intended project.

The Cornflower Fabric in indigo is also extremely durable, since this fabric is made from 100% cotton. So, when you want to maximise durability for your entire project, make sure you use a 100% cotton thread too.

What Is the Fourth Recommended Reproduction Fabric for Quilting?

Quilters who are looking for the statement piece amongst our range of reproduction fabrics should certainly consider our fourth suggestion, more specifically the Stript Fabric in taupe. The fabric has a print that consists of various old letters, each with a different handwriting for maximum effect.

The Stript Fabric in taupe is made in China and consists of 100% cotton fibres - this once again adds a lot more durability to the material. The fabric is also remarkably soft, making the quilting fabric suitable for projects such as quilted blankets and cushion covers. We are sure this fabric will make the cushion cover or blanket stand out!

What Is the Fifth Recommended Reproduction Fabric for Quilting?

Would you like more floral reproduction fabrics? No problem, because our next suggestion is the Daisy Printed Fabric in latte. The fabric features a calming latte background colour and a pattern of beautiful white daisies. The Daisy Printed Fabric has a width of 120 centimetres and is available in more than one woven texture. So, if you want a material that is easier to pierce with a needle, or a material that has a tighter weave for more durability, there are more Daisy Printed Fabrics to choose from.

Before quilters use the Daisy Printed Fabric for their project, we recommend a pre-wash to shrink the material first. Even though this is not obligated, it is necessary to prevent problems with your final product if it comes in contact with water.

What Is the Sixth Recommended Reproduction Fabric for Quilting?

Our last suggestion for reproduction quilting projects is the Florian Triple Weave Fabric. Providing incredible strength, this fabric is suitable for all projects where more durability is required. However, it can be a little more difficult to work with for beginners.

Since our Florian Triple Weave Fabric is woven with three layers, quilters will find that this fabric has block-out qualities too. The fabric can block out up to 85% light and can be provided in different textures.

Does Spotlight Provide More Reproduction Fabrics for Quilting?

Spotlight has many suitable reproduction fabrics for quilting. If you find yourself in need of more inspiration, please head over to our quilting fabrics catalogue for some additional suggestions.

Do you have some questions about our stunning reproduction fabrics for quilting? Or do you have a question about weaves, textures, and fabric patterns? Do not hesitate to contact the Spotlight team for assistance.



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