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Ready to Start Quilting? Read Our Quilting Tools Guide to Get the Right Supplies!

Anyone who starts out with quilting will need some basic supplies, no matter what kind of project you have in mind. Below, we have listed the common quilting supplies everyone should have in their collection. Once you obtain these tools from Spotlight, you can start your quilting project right away!

What Is a Rotary Cutter?

One of the first things you must acquire for quilting projects is a rotary cutter. A rotary cutter is a tool that is used quite often by crafters who work with fabric, since this tool contains a circular, rotating blade for the cutting of fabrics.

Nowadays, quilters can get much more than just a basic rotary cutter. Rotary cutters are available in various designs and in various materials, so it is certainly not a bad idea to check out the options at Spotlight before you decide on a rotary cutter for your project.

What Is a Rotary Cutter Mat?

When you cut fabric with a rotary cutter, you must place the fabric on a sturdy surface. Unfortunately, the blades of the rotary cutter can damage that surface if left unprotected.

To protect any surface, you can acquire a special protective mat called the rotary cutter mat. For quilting, you would need a rotary cutter mat of minimal 60 centimetres up to 100 centimetres - this depends on the size of the fabric you are using for your project.

What Is a Sewing Machine?

Most people are already familiar with the sewing machine, since most households have one. A sewing machine is a special device with a mechanically driven needle, which in turn is used for sewing or stitching.

We must mention that the sewing machine is not obligated for quilters, because some quilters prefer to do their projects by hand. So, if you want to do everything by hand, you will need a good selection of needles instead.

If you do decide to obtain a sewing machine for your quilting projects, be sure to compare the various types of sewing machines out there. For quilting, a sewing machine with a walking foot is recommended.

What Is Quilting Fabric?

To start your project, you will need some quilting fabric too. As the name suggests, quilting fabric is a special type of fabric that is used for quilting. It can be divided further into: top fabric, batter (filling material), and backing material.

Quilting fabric can be made from a variety of fabric fibres - this includes velvet and satin. However, some materials are more difficult to work with, so for beginners we tend to recommend quilting fabric made from a natural cotton fibre.

Even though it is less important for beginners, you might want to check on the weave of your quilting fabric too. The tighter the weave, the stronger the material for your project, but the more difficult to work with. In the beginning of your quilting journey, you can stick to some of the cheaper cotton materials, and expand on the tighter cotton weave fabrics later.

What Are Fabric Scissors?

All pairs of scissors are the same right? Wrong! Because quilting will require a pair of fabric scissors, which is not the same as a normal pair of kitchen scissors and paper scissors.

There are different types of fabric scissors, but the best one for quilting projects is a pair of pinking shears. By using pinking shears to cut your quilting fabrics, you can cut cloth with a serrated edge and prevent fraying.

What Is Quilting Thread?

Quilting thread is a term used to describe thread that is used for quilting. While you may compare it to normal sewing thread, there are some criteria quilting thread must meet.

Firstly, you do not want your quilting thread to be too thick, since thread is a lot more apparent in quilting projects. The thread you choose must also match the quality of your quilting fabric, since there is little point using a low-quality thread on a high-quality fabric and vice versa.

When looking for a quilting thread, be sure to stick with a cotton thread of 40 weight. Even though this is recommended for sewing machines, we recommend a 28-weight thread for hand quilting.

Can I Find These Quilting Supplies at Spotlight?

The quilting supplies mentioned in this article can all be obtained at Spotlight. We have one of the largest and most affordable quilting supplies in our store, so you will have no problems finding the supplies you are looking for.



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