Flannelette is a cotton fabric that's cosy & warm, yet light & breathable. Ideal for nightwear & pillowcases. Shop our materials from Spotlight today!

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Can I purchase flannelette at Spotlight?

Yes, you can! Flannelette is a cotton fabric that has a napped, or brushed, finish on one side (or sometimes on both sides) which gives it a soft feel. It is cosy and warm but still light and breathable and it lends itself extremely well to the making of nightwear, shirts, and sheets or pillowcases for colder times of the year, as well as for other craft items and objects for use around the home.

What are the different types of flannelette?

Originally, flannel was made from either carded wool or worsted yarn, but modern flannels can be made from either wool, cotton, or synthetic fibres. Woven with either a twill or a plain weave, it is then napped or brushed to give it that extra softness. Otherwise, its softness is derived from the loosely spun yarn it is woven from. The softness and warmth make it an excellent fabric choice for any project made for babies, perfectly cuddling their soft skin. There is even a fabric called baby flannel, which is lightweight and breathable for night-time sleeping. Older kids will also appreciate the cuddliness of a warm set of flannel pyjamas for the winter! Many modern flannels are produced from cotton, as opposed to wool, to take advantage of the softness while avoiding its intense heat-saving properties.

Why is flannelette so popular?

What makes flannelette such a great choice, aside from its low cost, is the wide variety of plain and prints designs that are available. They appeal to just about anyone at any age, from babies to adults. While probably most associated with items for babies and children, flannelette is extremely versatile and a great choice for making all types of crafts and projects from quilts, to toys, home items, casual clothing, sleeping bags, sleepwear, slippers, scarves and hats, and even pet wear. In addition, it can be used as a lining or interlining material for adding warmth properties to a project.

Are there any tips on sewing with flannel and flannelette?

  • Flannel can be a loose weave. The looser the weave, the more it tends to stretch when sewing.
  • It is very important to pre-wash the fabric, because it is prone to shrinking. Increase your stitch length to help control stretching.
  • Flannel also frays easily, so it is best to avoid intricate, complicated designs and to increase the seam allowance.
  • Do not iron. Moving the iron back and forth over the fabric will create more stretching. Instead, press the fabric by holding the iron in place for a few seconds, then lifting, and do not use the steam setting.
  • Use a walking foot when possible and always start with a new needle. Working with flannel may dull your needle, and working with a dull needle can result in skipped or uneven stitches.
  • Flannel will also leave a lot of lint behind, so be sure to clean your machine often during your project.


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