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The Starter Guide To Chiffon

Chiffon is an elegant and sophisticated fabric that is often associated with high fashion. But are there certain things you need to know about chiffon as a crafter? And when should you use this fabric? To answer all these questions and more, Spotlight created this comprehensive chiffon guide.

What Is Chiffon?

Many dressmakers prefer chiffon for their summer fashion, as the material is sheer and breathable. It is made from twisted filament yarn, which gives the fabric a unique lightness and texture that cannot be compared with any other fabric out there.

While chiffon can be made from various source fibres, the most common fabric fibre used for chiffon is silk. Evidently, this explains the higher price tag that is usually accompanied with the fabric.

Spotlight must mention that chiffon is not solely suitable for the summer months. Even though it is considered an extremely breathable and lightweight fabric, it can also be made from materials that have applications all year around. This includes silk, but also cotton and rayon.

There are also different types of chiffon crafters should be aware of. For example, silk crepe chiffon is most suitable for decorative finishes and lightweight dresses, while silk satin chiffon is most suitable for evening gowns. So, this single material produces different options for numerous applications.

What Are The Main Advantages Of Chiffon?

Chiffon has a number of advantages, which can be quite elaborate depending on the source fibre used. Below, Spotlight listed the most common benefits of chiffon, which could help you determine if this fabric is the right choice for your project.

Hypoallergenic: This is a big plus for most crafters, especially since allergies to certain fabrics are becoming all the more common these days. Of course, please consider that chiffon is only hypoallergenic when it is made from the hypoallergenic source fibres, this includes cotton and silk.

Breathability: Contrary to some of our other benefits, the breathability of chiffon is actually provided by the way the fabric is woven. So, the fibre is not that important for this particular benefit.

Since chiffon is made with a plain weave, any chiffon fabric you purchase will always be breathable. In other words, if you need something breathable for warmer temperatures, chiffon is most definitely the right fabric.

Water absorption: Another big advantage of chiffon is that it has the ability to absorb water. So, if you wear clothing in warmer temperatures, the chiffon will absorb any moisture and keep your skin cool and comfortable. While this does make chiffon less suitable for sportswear applications, it does not take away from its ability to keep you comfortable in the summer months.

Comfortable feel: Chiffon can be one of the softest materials out there, this through a combination of the source fabric fibre and the weave used by the manufacturer. So, anyone who tends to be sensitive to skin irritation or abrasions could benefit from having some clothing in chiffon.

Aesthetic: There is no denying that chiffon has an incredibly beautiful aesthetic. In fact, it has an aesthetic that is as much sought after as regular silk. It is elegant and luxurious, making it perfect for anything from prom dresses to sophisticated evening gowns. Anyone who likes to make these types of dresses will find that chiffon is a regular addition to their hobby room.

Thermal regulation: Spotlight already mentioned that chiffon is lightweight and breathable, but we did not touch upon the fact that chiffon has thermal regulation properties. In short, this means that the fabric can keep the body warm or cool depending on the environment. For example, it will keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer. This also means that chiffon can be used throughout the year without any worry.

Tear resistance: Another interesting property of chiffon fabric is that it has good resistance against wear and tear. Longevity is an important property to have for clothing these days, and this makes chiffon all the more attractive for crafters and consumers alike. Of course, it also helps that chiffon is quite a feminine fabric that adds that touch of elegance and sophistication to each garment.

Chiffon Fabric Range

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