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What Are The Best Fabrics For Costumes And Cosplay?

Costume and cosplay fabrics fall under the category of specialist apparel fabrics, so there are plenty of possibilities. However, if you are making these costumes for the first time, then the range of choices can be quite overwhelming. Fortunately, you can count on Spotlight to provide a huge range of options.

Which Fabrics Are Most Suitable For Shiny Costumes?

When you want a shiny fabric for your costume, it is worth looking into Duchess satin. This kind of satin is often made from polyester, which makes it shiny yet affordable. Of course, polyester is also quite durable, which is great for costumes you are going to use more than once. If you decide to work with this fabric, keep mind that there is a dull and a shiny side. So, make sure you position the fabric properly before you start sewing.

What Fabrics Are Great For Accentuating A Costume?

If you are looking for something lacey, or something that can provide a bit more detail, then there are loads of options out there for you. One potential option is tulle, which is crisp and rather inexpensive to work with.

Tulle is usually made from manmade materials such as nylon and rayon. Since manmade materials are rather easy to produce, their cost remains quite affordable opposed to natural materials.

Of course, if you do not mind spending a little more, then lace could be a suitable option for your costume too. Contrary to popular belief, not all types of lace as expensive. Nowadays, they can be made from a variety of fabric fibres, even manmade ones. So, do not rule out lace if you like the look of the material, as there are plenty of affordable options out there.

Organza is another material that can be used to accentuate costumes and make them more dramatic. Like the other fabrics mentioned here, organza can be made with different fabric fibres. Most types of organza are made from silk or polyester. Evidently, silk is the most expensive option.

What Are Good Sheer Costume Fabrics?

We already mentioned a number of sheet options previously, but one we did not mention is chiffon. You can acquire chiffon fabric in both polyester and silk, which means you can find an option that is within your chosen price range.

Aside from chiffon, you could consider so-called double georgette as well. Out of both fabrics, chiffon is the most sheer. However, if you only want a hint of sheerness, then double georgette will be the way to go.

There are a number of applications for sheer fabrics in costumes. Most crafters use sheer fabric to create that ethereal effect, which means they are brilliant for fairy costumes!

What Is The Most Dramatic Costume Fabric?

Do you want to stand out from everyone else? Then you need a dramatic fabric such as brocade. Brocade is made on a jacquard loom and is known for its unusual patterns and metallic effects. Obviously, this means that numerous costumes could be made with this pattern.

Please note that brocade is not the easiest fabric to work with because of the unusual patterns and the metallic thread that is often used within this fabric. So, be sure to hone your sewing skills before you tackle a costume in brocade.

Finding The Right Costume And Cosplay Fabrics At Spotlight

Spotlight provides a premium collection of brocade fabrics, metallic fabrics, nylon and even an entire range of sequined fabrics! In other words, you can easily find a fabric that matches the costume you have in mind.

Choosing the right fabric is easy at Spotlight. After all, you can count on numerous informative articles on choosing fabrics, so make sure to read those underneath your product description. You can also find more detailed information about your fabric once you click on the fabric title.



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