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Your Guide To Toile Fabric

When it comes to the different types of fabric, the name toile might not sound familiar to everyone. This is no surprise, because it is a fabric most people do not encounter until they become more familiar with lining fabrics and interfacing. However, you can count on this comprehensive toile fabric guide from Spotlight for more information.

What Is Toile Fabric?

The name of the fabric is derived from the French word for linen clot or toile de Jouy. The term originates from Paris and often refers to a linen fabric with incredibly unique patterns or unbleached linen fabric.

Where Did Toile Come From?

This fabric has been around for quite some time. Contrary to its name, it is believed that toile did not originally come from France. In fact, historians believe that the fabric originally came from Ireland.

It is believed that toile was first created in Ireland in the middle of the 18th century. Soon after its creation, the material spread to England, after which it found its way to France. Evidently, the fabric did not get its name until it arrived in France.

What Is Toile Fabric Used For?

Even though this may be the first time you heard the term Toile, this type of fabric can be used for so many different things. Toile can be used for curtains, garments, upholstery and even bedding.

When you decide to use toile for your upholstery, be sure to consider the patterns this type of fabric comes in. Too many patterns can give your interior an outdated appearance, so you must always maintain a good balance between patterns and more neutral colours.

Of course, using toile for your interior can have numerous benefits. One of the main benefits is the amount of depth and the character it delivers in any room. So, while you have to be careful about the balance, toile can create some amazing effects when used properly.

Is There A Difference Between Toile And Toile de Jouy Today?

There term toile is an abbreviation of Toile de Jouy, but there are some differences between these two fabrics today. However, the main difference is that toile is often used by fashion designers. They use it to refer to the temporary garment before the creation of the final garment. So, it is not uncommon to hear designers talk about going through several "toiles".

How Do You Maintain Toile Fabric?

That depends on the type of toile you are working with. For example, if you have inherited a garment made from old toile, then you should have it dry cleaned. After all, some of the older toile fabrics can be quite valuable and delicate.

For toile bought recently, there are numerous ways to maintain it. Firstly, you can put toile in the washing machine. However, you should only put it on a cold wash cycle, as warmer temperatures could potentially damage the material.

When washing toile with other fabrics, always make sure you put similar colours together. You should also use a gentle detergent, as some of the heavier detergents could damage the material as well.

Like most fabrics, you should never dry toile in direct sunlight. Instead, let the fabric dry in the shade. If you have to use the tumble dryer, only dry this fabric on a low heat cycle.



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