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Do not miss out on the latest trends and check out Spotlight’s range of Star Wars fabric. The range of Star Wars fabrics comes in various fun designs and colours, so you are bound to find the perfect Star Wars fabric for your project.

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Your Ultimate Guide To Cotton Poplin

There is nothing quite as intriguing as a decent cotton poplin fabric. Since cotton poplin is just one of the hundred different variants of cotton, it is not too uncommon to miss out on this wonderful fabric. But, to ensure you are properly prepared for your next project, here is everything you need to know about cotton poplin.

How Do I Recognise Cotton Poplin Fabric?

Cotton poplin is a durable fabric that is extremely resistant to creasing, giving it an overall smooth appearance. A poplin fabric is also made with a plain weave, making it quite the sturdy choice too.

In addition to cotton, please note that poplin fabrics can be made with other fabric fibres too, this includes silk and synthetic materials. So, properties can be a little different depending on the type of poplin you have.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Cotton Poplin?

When you use cotton poplin, you can take advantage of a wide variety of advantages. Obviously, many of these benefits are derived from the source material cotton.

Firstly, cotton poplin is a relatively thin material in spite of its durability. Add to that the breathability of cotton, and you have a wonderful fabric for the warmer months.

Interestingly cotton poplin is one of the few cotton fabrics that dries rather quickly. Even though it still absorbs moisture like other cotton variants, poplin is much quicker to dry and can therefore be suitable for certain activewear.

Cotton poplin also brings you some health benefits, including its hypoallergenic properties. For those who suffer with a sensitive skin, the lightness and hypoallergenic properties of cotton poplin can be a godsend.

Finally, cotton poplin is just as easy to maintain as other cotton fabrics. So, if you need something stunning that can be thrown in the washing machine quickly, then cotton poplin will not disappoint.

What Are The Recommended Applications For Cotton Poplin?

There are numerous projects you could make with cotton poplin. It is popular material for dresses, blouses, shirts, and even pyjamas. And as we mentioned earlier, cotton poplin can be used for sportswear too.

What Are Popular Prints For Cotton Poplin?

Since cotton poplin is quite popular worldwide, you will find that current fashion designers have no qualms using this material. In fact, you will often find garments made from cotton poplin with the most ostentatious prints.

Of course, certain prints are more popular than other. Cotton poplin with cartoon and licensed prints are brilliant for all seasons, but usually reserved for sleepwear. Cotton poplin with butterflies is more popular for summer garments, while stripes can be used for professional attire. In other words, there is a suitable and popular print to be found everywhere!

Does Cotton Poplin Need To Be Prepared Before Sewing?

Yes, like other cotton fabrics, cotton poplin needs to be pre-washed before you start cutting or sewing. To prevent damage to your fabric during the first wash, it is recommended to wash your cotton poplin on a slightly warm temperature, but dry with a low heat in the tumble dryer.

When you need to mark your fabric after washing it, Spotlight recommends using special water-soluble markers, this can make it easy to remove the marks once your garments are made.

Please note that cotton poplin is resistant to creases and wrinkles, but that does not mean you cannot iron it when needed. In the rare occasions this fabric does get some wrinkles due to improper storage, simply use the iron the cotton setting to get your fabric straight.

Cotton Poplin Fabrics At Spotlight

This range of Star Wars fabrics brings you some lovely cotton poplin fabrics, but there are many others you may not have discovered yet. In Spotlight's main fabric range, you can find cotton poplin in all kinds of colours and designs. So, why not check out the cotton poplin catalogue for more great deals?



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