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An Introduction To Rayon Fabric

Some fabrics such as cotton, polyester, and wool are known by most people. Of course, there are also fabrics that are remarkably functional, but not as widely known. As you get into sewing and crafting in general, you will encounter a material called rayon at one point. If you never heard of rayon before, this convenient guide is for you.

How Is Rayon Made?

Rayon is made with regenerated cellulose fibres. These fibres have similarities with another popular fabric fibre, more specifically silk.

While rayon is not as known as its more expensive rival silk, it has been around for a long time. In fact, it was first created in 1880 to provide a more affordable alternative to real silk.

Interestingly, it is possible that you are already familiar with rayon. After all, manufacturers can use different names for this particular fabric. Aside from rayon, you can find this fabric under names such as Viscose, Modal, and Tencel.

The really interesting thing about rayon is that this material is not fully manmade or fully natural. It is a material that is a combination of both, providing properties of exquisite silk but the affordability of polyester. How great is that?

Are There Different Types Of Rayon?

There are quite a few different types of rayon. The fabric can be either knit or woven, which obviously changes its properties and overall benefits. As a crafter, it is quite important to have some general knowledge about these types of rayon to avoid problems during crafting. Below, Spotlight described some of the most common types of rayon and their respective properties, which should make it easier to choose the right fabric for your project.

Cupro: This type of rayon fabric is difficult to distinguish from real silk, this because it has a light sheen all over the material. To make this specific rayon, manufacturers use both copper and ammonium, giving it a unique look and feel. However, this fabric tends to be more popular in the United States compared to other countries. Nevertheless, it is an option that should be considered nonetheless.

Bamboo: One of the most common types of rayon you will encounter here is bamboo rayon. As you may expect already, this material is made from cellulose from bamboo pulp. The resulted fabric is extremely soft and as fine as regular silk.

There is much to be said about bamboo rayon, especially since it comes with benefits most other fabrics do not have. Bamboo has a natural pest repellent quality, which means that projects made from this textile will not become affected by pests if stored. In addition to that, the conversion of bamboo into rayon only requires minimal chemical processing, which means it is one of the more environmentally friendly options out there.

Modal: If you want the best softness for a textile project, then looking for modal fabric might not be the worst idea. In fact, this particular fabric is considered as one of the softest in the world. In addition to that, it also provides great resistance to shrinking, adding more to the lifespan of your fabric.

Lyocell: This is also one of the most popular rayon fabrics today. Often marketed under the name Tencel, this rayon fabric is eco-friendly and provides hypoallergenic properties. So, if you struggle with allergies and need an affordable, hypoallergenic material, Lyocell could be the best option for you.

Challis: If you are looking at rayon for dressmaking, you could consider the challis variant. This particular fabric is extremely soft and has one of the best drapes compared to other rayon fabrics. Of course, this material is also affordable, so you can construct garments without worrying about paying too much for your clothing. Evidently, this also means that challis is quite popular among numerous fashion designers worldwide.

Discover The Rayon Range At Spotlight

Spotlight provides a large range of rayon fabrics. Please note that our rayon fabrics are not limited to the spandex jersey options, because there are many other rayon fabrics to take advantage of. If you want to view more rayon fabrics before you decide, head over to the main fabrics catalogue at Spotlight to discover all the rayon options.

Of course, you can also count on Spotlight for fabrics other than rayon. Check out the full range to uncover cotton, blends, polyester, silks and so much more. We are sure you will find an outstanding deal today.



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