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All You Need To Know About Your Jersey Fabrics!

Since jersey fabric is one of the most popular fabrics in the world, you will be working with it sooner or later. To ensure you are fully familiar with the material, its benefits, and how it contributes to better garment construction, Spotlight created this comprehensive guide about jersey fabrics below.

What Is A Jersey Fabric?

Jersey is a term used to refer to a knitted fabric. The first jersey fabrics were all made from wool, but as the material became more popular, manufacturers started to use different materials to create jersey fabric. So, crafters can find jersey fabric made from materials such as cotton and synthetic fibres. Some manufacturers even use fabric fibre blends to provide the maximum benefits possible.

There are countless applications for jersey fabric, as you can get it in a light to medium weight. It is suitable for more structured garments, but also a variety of home decorations and household items.

Are There Different Subtypes Of Jersey Fabric?

Crafters can find different types of jersey fabrics. The type of jersey fabric is determined by the knitting technique used to manufacture the fabric. So, crafters can distinguish between standard jersey and double-knit jersey.

Standard jersey is made with a single knit. The fabric is characterised by a smooth surface on one side and a pile surface on the other side. As a result, only one side should be used on the visible side of the garment.

In addition to a standard jersey, you can also encounter a double-knit jersey. Basically, this material consists of two jersey fabrics put together. The fabrics are connected back to back, which also delivers a smooth surface on each side. So, you could use each side of this fabric for the visible side of your crafted clothes.

While similar techniques are used to make standard and double-knit jersey, there are some differences between each fabric. Double-knit jersey has more stretch than regular jersey. It is also thicker and heavier, which can provide some advantages for garment construction.

Is Jersey Fabric A Breathable Material?

When you make garments, one of the primary concerns is always the breathability of the material. Breathability enhances the garment's comfort, but also ensures you can wear it for long periods of time without sweating excessively.

The breathability of jersey fabric can be somewhat dependent on the source fabric fibre. For example, cotton jersey fabrics tend to have the most breathability, as the fabric fibre is known for its high breathability in its raw form. So, if breathability is one of the most important features for your garments, keep an eye out for cotton jersey.

Of course, there is another reason why many crafters choose jersey knit fabric and that is to structure a garment. Since jersey fabric has a brilliant drape, it can do wonders for more intricate homemade garments.

When it comes to draping, Spotlight recommends choosing a jersey fabric made from silk or viscose fabric fibres. These fabrics tend to have a better drape than cotton jersey fabric and provide a superior structure. Subsequently, you can also use these fabrics for more elegant and formal fashion pieces.

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