Kids Teddy Bear Stool Cover Project

Level: Intermediate


  • Plain stool (we used a stool sized 28cm diameter by 20cm high)
  • Petra Upholstery in mushroom colour, Sunny Stripe Hasina Fabric.
  • Yarns for embroidery or any fabrics you choose to make the face elements.
  • Matching thread.
  • Cord (any kind strong enough to use as a drawstring to tie at the bottom of the stool).


Step 1 - Petra Upholstery in mushroom colour cut 1 piece 95 x 30cm to make the gusset - Panel 1.

Step 2 - Sunny Stripe Hasina Fabric, cut 1 piece 33cm Diameter round shape to make Panel 2.

Step 3 - Cut Panels in both Petra upholstery & Sunny Hasina as for the below patterns.

Panel 3 - Cut 2pcs x Ear Panels in Petra Mushroom fabric as per pattern 1.

Panel 4 - Cut 2pcs x Ear Panel in Sunny Hasina Fabric as per pattern 2.

Step 4 - On the Petra Upholstery Fabric Panel 1, Embroider the face elements as per our image or create the face from fabric cut outs and sew in place.

Step 5 - Take 1x Panel 3 and stitch edges all around 1x Panel 4 to create a piped border as per our image. Repeat for the Second ear then stitch both ears above the Eyes on panel 1 gusset.

Step 6 - Wrap Panel 1 gusset (inside out) around the stool with open ends together and stitch closed to fit.

Step 7 - Stitch Panel 2, Sunny Hasina fabric to attach to the top of the Panel 1 Gusset.

Step 8 - Remove the cover from the stool. Fold the bottom edge of the gusset and stitch with the cord inside to create a drawstring channel. Keep a small opening and leave the 2 ends of the drawstring out so these can be tied together. Turn the cover in the right way, place on the stool and tighten the drawstring the fit.

Your Kids Teddy Bear Stool Cover is now ready.



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