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Gelato Woven Wall Hanging Project




  • Arbee 20cm metal silver ring
  • Moda Vera Gelato Yarn x 7 colours
  • Birch plastic yarn needle
  • Scissors

Gelato Woven Wall Hanging Project
Gelato Woven Wall Hanging Project Download Gelato Woven Wall Hanging Project


Step 1

Choose a colour of yarn for the warp (this is the thread that gets strung over the ring and holds the tension while you

Step 2

Take the thread around the edge of the ring, leaving a tail of about 5cm.

Step 3

Pull the thread straight down over the bottom of the opposite edge of the ring, taking it over the edge and to the back.

Step 4

Take the thread up and over the downward thread. Bring the thread over the front of the ring, moving it about 3cm from where you first started.

Step 5

Continue taking the thread over the edge and over the other side, just like a figure of 8. Ensure to keep the threads in the centre crossing over, until you get to the other side of the ring.

Step 6

Once you reach the last strand, take it around the centre a few times to secure the warp. Take the last strand up to meet with the first thread and tie it to the tail you had made at thebeginning.

Step 7

Using a length of yarn onto your needle, begin threading over and under the warp strands. Continue weaving over and under.

Step 8

Once you are finished with a colour, thread the yarn back down through the previous layers and cut the excess thread off.

Step 9

To add some texture, you can double up on yarn. To create some tassels at the bottom, cut around a dozen equal pieces of yarn and create a larks head knot.

Gelato Woven Wall Hanging Project Download Gelato Woven Wall Hanging Project
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