Gift Decorating Ribbon

Make your gifts and decorations stand out from the rest with these beautiful ribbons at Spotlight! Shop from our colourful gift ribbon range online now.

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Can I purchase gift decorating ribbon at Spotlight?

Of course, you can. At Spotlight, we're all about making your home and special events gorgeous so we make sure we have a nice selection of gift decorating ribbon available online and in-store at our many Spotlight stores around Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Check out our gift decorating ribbon selection today and start planning your next big event.

What's included in the gift decorating ribbon range at Spotlight?

We love ribbon and have so many lovely varieties in our gift decorating ribbon range including:

  • Tulle Ribbon Rolls in several different colours and glitter styles.
  • Wedding Car Ribbon, a polypropylene ribbon for styling the bride and groom's car.
  • 10mm Woven or Metallic Sparkle Ribbon in many colours.
  • 12mm Satin Ribbon in a variety of colours and patterns.
  • 6mm-100mm Satin Ribbon in various colours and patterns.
  • Organdie Wire Edge, Frill Edge, Satin Edge Ribbon.
  • Satin Ribbon in various widths and colours.
  • Chain Ribbon in different styles and occasions.
  • Lurex Cord and Knot Cords, great for gifts and crafts.
  • Grosgrain White Stitch Ribbon, Hessian Ribbon, Tulle Spool, Foil Bows, Paper Ribbon, Taffeta Ribbon, Foil Canvass Ribbon and so much more.

We've got so many different gift decorating ribbons, we're confident that we'll have the perfect one for your gift, project or special event. Choose rolls of ribbons or by-the-metre ribbons.

Which gift decorating ribbon is best for presents?

When decorating a gift, adding ribbons and bows is a great way to make it look fabulous and festive. The larger the gift, the larger the gift ribbon and bow required so don't be afraid to go with a roll of wide satin or tulle ribbon. Choosing the colour and pattern will depend on the occasion too but don't worry, Spotlight has an amazing selection of gift decorating ribbon to choose from. If the gift is for a child's birthday, choose something bright and patterned like the Celebrate 25mm Satin Butterfly Bliss Ribbon or Celebrate Spots Grosgrain Ribbon, which comes in several attractive colours. For baby showers, go with something cute and sweet such as Celebrate 25mm Satin Baby & Teddy Ribbon or the Celebrate 25mm Satin Spots Ribbon. For the ultimate wedding gift decorating ribbon, choose any of our organza or tulle ribbons and make your gift stand out and shine bright. Decorating with gift ribbon is a fun and inexpensive way to show your creativity and love for the recipient of your gift.

Can gift decorating ribbon be used for crafting party invitations?

Yes, most certainly. Crafty folk will not just use gift decorating ribbon for tying up presents, they will use it for scrapbooking and making cards and invitations too. At Spotlight, we have so many lovely ribbons to help you create the best homemade party invites for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, sporting events, fundraisers and charity events. Choose paper ribbons to make cut-outs and shapes and thin, delicate ribbons for tiny bows. Get inspired and creative by scrolling through Pinterest before or after you shop online or in-store at Spotlight.

Which gift decorating ribbon is best for styling the room at weddings and special events?

Let's face it, the best parties and special events are the ones that are lavishly and creatively decorated. Not only are decorated events more joyful, they are inviting to guests. Gift decorating ribbons beautify presents but they also make a party venue pop with colour, style and elegance. Large wire edged ribbon can be used to make bows for chairs, tables, doorways and walls. Thinner ribbons and cords can be used to tie flower arrangements and wrapped around vases. Long strands of ribbon can be hung on walls as a backdrop to a food table or used as balloon strings. Check out our amazing collection of gift decorating ribbon and get creative.



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