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Create a memorable present with the range of gift ribbons & bows at Spotlight. Shop satin ribbon, curling ribbon, gift stars & gift bows today.

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Shop Gift Wrapping Ribbons, Bows & Stars at Spotlight

Help your presents and decorations stand out from the rest with beautiful gift ribbons, bows, strings and cords from Spotlight! Finish off your wrapped gift with a coordinating satin ribbon and bow to make it extra special. Find gift wrapping ribbon in a range of colours and styles for any occasion. Shop online or in-store.

How Can I Use Gift Ribbons And Bows?

There are several ways you can put your gift wrap ribbons and bows to good use!

  • Gift presentation - first and foremost, gift ribbon bows are perfect for popping onto a wrapped present. Adding some gift ribbon and styled gift bows is a great way to show the care you are putting into the gift. Use curling ribbon as a stylish way to add some elegance to your present!
  • Create a bouquet of flowers - add the finishing touch to a bunch of flowers for someone special.
  • Use on party favours - use a lovely gift ribbon to add the finishing touch to party favours.
  • Scrapbooking - the best scrapbooks have all sorts of colours and textures inside, and ribbons are a great way to add this to any page. Ribbons can be used to divide up a page into sections, as borders for text and photos and you can even stick a gift ribbon bow on the front.
  • Shadow Boxes - creating a shadow box is a wonderful way to display your precious treasures and even family heirlooms in a three-dimensional, protected setting. Adding a satin ribbon or bow is a lovely way to add some elegant d├ęcor to your shadowbox and highlight the trinkets you are displaying.

What Are Some More Gift Wrapping and Packaging Ideas?

Gift ribbons and bows are only one way to present your gifts, and can be used in tangent with other wrappings to make gift-giving that little bit more special!

  • Gift bags - if you find your wrapped presents never turn out as neatly as you'd like, a gift bag may be just what you need. Simply pop your gift inside and seal the bag with tape, ribbon or an adhesive bow. Gift bags are reusable, and so a great choice for green gifting.
  • Gift wraps - wrapping a gift in wrapping paper is the most popular way to finish a present and gives you heaps of colour and pattern options to choose from. Plus ripping open a present is just so much fun! If you wrap your gift carefully, you can use some gift ribbon and adhesive gift bows to close it up instead of tape.
  • Gift paper - wrapping gifts in paper is a subtle but charming way to present a gift. Plain-coloured paper can be used, but newspaper and brown kraft paper can serve as a rustic alternative if needed. Stick one or two gift wrapping bows on top in a complementing colour to add some visual interest.

Find The Right Gift Bows And Ribbons At Spotlight

Make every gift bow-tiful with Spotlight's range of gift ribbons and bows! You can find all our gift-wrapping supplies available for purchase online, with home delivery and click and collect options available. And if you prefer to grab your gift ribbons and bows in person, your local Spotlight store will have many great options for you to choose from!

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