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Small details make a huge difference. Elevate your party costume with our selection of feather boas, costume scarves & neckwear at Spotlight today.

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What Kinds Of Coloured Scarves And Feather Boas Can I Find At Spotlight?

Add some fashion to your fancy dress with a coloured scarf or feather boas from Spotlight. We have a great selection of feather boa scarves online and in-store for you to choose from, as well as stylish, colourful scarves great for adding that little something extra to your costume.

How Do I Wear A Feather Boa?

Feather boas are stylish, fancy and maybe a little over the top! There are a few fun ways you can wear them, but one of the most important tips we can give you is to wear a feather boa with confidence. There are three main ways you can wear a feather boa scarf:

  • Position the middle of the feather boa behind your neck and let the ends drape over your shoulders in front of your chest. This is a classic look and the easiest way to wear a feather boa.
  • Hang the scarf around your neck like above, but with ? of the scarf hanging over one of your shoulders. Flip this longer section over the opposite shoulder so it hangs down your back, while the other length stays at the front. This is a more formal and stable way to wear a feather boa.
  • Drape the boa across the small of your back and position the ends over your forearms. This elegant look keeps the feather boa off your neck and shoulders and acts more like a wrap than a scarf.

What Other Costume Accessories Can I Find At Spotlight?

You can find much more at Spotlight than feather boas and coloured scarves online! To complete your costume, why not try:

  • Costume capes - add a little heroism to your fancy-dress costume with any of our impressive capes. We have themed capes for all the classic superheroes, plus generic capes in all sorts of colours if you wish to create your own unique character!
  • Wigs and hair accessories - much easier than styling your own hair, try wearing one of our beautiful wigs or hair extensions with your next outfit! We have classic hair colours and styles available, as well as more unusual colours for fantastical costumes.
  • Wings, tails and wands - find the perfect accessory for your costume in our wings, tails and wands section. We have gorgeous fairy and butterfly wings, cat, lizard and other animal tails, and heaps of enchanting wands for you to choose from.
  • Body paint and makeup - transform your face with any of our body paint or makeup kits. All are designed to be safe to use on the skin and are long-lasting, allowing you to be confident that your look will last the night!

For more costume goodness, check out our entire range of costumes and costume accessories online.

Find The Right Boas And Scarves At Spotlight

You can find gorgeous feather boas and coloured scarves for your costumes at Spotlight! You can find our whole selection online, where you can choose from a variety of payment options as well as home delivery or click and collect for your order. Alternatively, head to your local Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you find the right feather boa scarf for your outfit in person!

For more great costume ideas, have a read of our celebrate blog online, including our articles on professional cosplay and book week costume ideas!



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