Body Glitter & Face Gems

Elevate your costume or cosplay efforts with shining face gems & sparkly body glitter from Spotlight. Shop the range of SFX makeup in-store & online!

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Sparkle & Shine at Concerts, Parades and Parties With Face Gems & Glitter

Spotlight's face jewels and body glitter are fabulous additions to any fancy dress or costume. Easy to adhere and remove, body gems and face glitter can be used instead of - or in conjunction with - SFX makeup or body paint. Whether you're dressing up as a Mermaid, Elsa from Frozen, or an 80s glam rocker, face glitter is a shining finishing touch that will take your costume to the next level. At Spotlight, our range of makeup & body paint also includes body stickers & temporary tattoos and face paint kits so you can easily create any character or persona!

Face Glitter & Gems FAQ

How to use body glitter & face gems

Spotlight's face crystals come in pre-arranged patterns that are simple to stick on and peel off once you're finished. They can adhere to dry, clean skin on the face, arms, legs, chest and back. Body glitter comes in two varieties, loose and pre-mixed. Loose glitter must be combined with an adhesive to stay on your skin, while pre-mixed comes suspended in a gel for immediate application. Pre-mixed glitter can be applied to your body and hair and is similarly created to not irritate your skin - apply it directly onto your body or onto a brush for application.

Are face gems & glitter safe to use?

The adhesive backings on face gems are safe for sensitive skin, and can easily be peeled away once your party is over. Spotlight's loose body glitter is specially created for body application (never use craft glitter for your face and body!) and is hypoallergenic and paraben free. Adhere loose body and face glitter using a primer to make sure it stays in place.

What occasions are face gems good for?

When you want a little extra sparkle such as seeing your favourite singer in a concert, at a parade or at a dress-up party, face gems are an easy way to stand out. They are also great for birthday showers, hens parties and music festivals.

What Else Can I Find In Spotlight's Range Of Costume Accessories?

Spotlight has a huge range of costume accessories & props that will complete your costumes with the perfect finishing touches. Our selection includes:

  • Hats & Headwear: From police hats to witches hats, Spotlight's range of instantly iconic accessories will ensure everyone knows what you're dressed up as.
  • Wigs & Hair Accessories: There's no need to create a fancy hairdo when you can just pop on a wig! Instantly transform your look with any of our wide range of wigs and accessories.
  • Jewellery & Glasses: Attention to detail with fashion accessories such as jewellery or glasses will elevate your costume from ordinary to extraordinary!
  • Wings, Tails & Wands: Add a little touch of magic to your costume with fairy wings, cute animal tails or wands for the Harry Potter fans.

Create The Ultimate Dress Ups & Cosplays With Costumes From Spotlight

Face gems and glitter are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Spotlight's selection of ready-made costumes and costume accessories. Discover kids' costumes and superhero costumes, adult dress-up costumes, and even pet costumes in our range! You can shop our entire range of costumes, dress-ups & accessories online or visit us in-store today. Whether you're dressing up for Halloween or need the perfect Book Week outfit, you can find it all at Spotlight!

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