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What Are Face Jewels And Body Glitter?

Spotlight's face jewels and body glitter are amazing accessories you can use to highlight or even change how you look instead of, or in addition to, makeup. Our body gems and face glitter are easy to adhere and remove, and are sure to make you stand out from the crowd!

How Can I Use Face Glitter And Body Gems?

If you want to sparkle and shine, face diamantes and body glitter are some of the most effective and safest ways to do so. Body and face gems simply peel off their backing and can be stuck straight onto your skin. The adhesive will last you for your event but can be easily peeled off once the night is over.

Body and face glitter either comes in a gel bottle that you apply straight on, or you can buy loose glitter and a special adhesive that you apply separately. Glitter that has been adhered to the body can be washed off with soap and warm water.

Combine your body gems and face glitter looks with other Spotlight accessories like mysterious masks, colourful jewellery, elegant gloves and stylish headwear.

Are Face Gems And Body Glitter Safe For Me To Use?

Our face crystals come in pre-arranged patterns that are simple to stick on and peel off once you're finished. The adhesive backing is safe for sensitive skin and can be adhered to dry, clean skin on the face, arms, legs, chest and back.

Our body glitter comes in two varieties, loose and pre-mixed. Loose glitter must be combined with an adhesive to stay on your skin, while pre-mixed comes suspended in a gel for immediate application.

  • Our loose body glitter is specially created for body application (never use craft glitter for your face and body!) and is hypoallergenic and paraben free. Adhere loose body and face glitter using a primer to make sure it stays in place.
  • Pre-mixed glitter can be applied to your body and hair and is similarly created to not irritate your skin - apply it directly onto your body or onto a brush for application.

Find The Right Body Glitter And Face Jewels At Spotlight

Elevate your party look with any of Spotlight's face jewels and body glitter products! You can find gorgeous glitters and gems online, where you can choose from a variety of payment options for your order. Home delivery and click and collect are available or you can also head to your local Spotlight store and let our friendly team help you find the perfect body glitter and face gems for your outfit.

For stunning ideas on how to apply your face glitter and body gems, check out our face painting projects like this one for mermaid-inspired makeup!



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