Cake Boards & Polystyrene Dummies

Celebrate your special day with a celebration cake on a stylish cake board from Spotlight today. Choose from our cake boards and polystyrene dummies online!

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Can I purchase from Cake Boards and Polystyrene Dummies Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you are looking to display your culinary creation, then this fabulous range of Cake Boards and Polystyrene Dummies. Present your cakes in style with one of these awesome display options or use a cake dummy to add height or drama to your piece. There are so many fantastic options to choose from, so shop online or at your local store today. With such a wide choice available, plus guaranteed low prices across the whole collection, make Spotlight your one stop shop for all your baking needs.

What is included in this range?

Place your beautiful desserts on display with our range of Cake Boards and Polystyrene Dummies at Spotlight. This selection features a wide range of different display options for your homemade cakes, including a wide range of cake boards in lots of different shapes, colours, and sizes. Cake Boards are the perfect way to display your baked extravaganza, and they are available in a wide selection of different colours and sizes. These handy trays will make it easy to transport a tiered cake and add the perfect touch to your cake presentation.

Cake Dummies are a great way to add an extra tier to your cake or to provide a bottom structure that is sturdy and strong. Whereas, cupcake stands are a fabulously elegant way of displaying a tower of cupcakes, and there are lots to choose from amongst this selection. After spending hours decorating your beautiful mini-cakes, then showcase them in a way that will really show off all your hard work with one of our easy-to-assemble cupcake stands.

Which of these products is right for me?

Well, that depends on what you intend to bake really and for what purpose. If you are looking for a fake tier that still seems fabulous, then cake dummies are the way to go. Check out our handy guide below for more information on using these. Choose a cupcake stand for displaying cupcakes and muffins. We even have speciality ones available that would make an ideal centrepiece for a birthday party or baby shower. If you are shopping for a cake board, it is important to ensure that you pick the right size. Check out the size dimensions of each product for further information. There are cake boards available in a range of different shapes, and you can match the shape of your cake or clash for a more contemporary feel. Choose a colour and design that you love, and you have the perfect surface to pop that delicious cake on.

Do you have any tips for using a Cake Dummy?

Cake dummies are ultimately polystyrene blocks, and they can be used in addition to real tiers ton add height or drama to your culinary creation. They will add structure and support to your cake and can be easily covered with fondant and decorated to ensure that they blend in with your final product. Make sure that the edges are smooth by sanding them with fine-grade sandpaper. This will also help to prevent your fondant from breaking. You can also sand the sides to get rid of any seam marks or imperfections. After rolling out your fondant to the desired size, lightly moist the board with water or apply a layer or vegetable fat such as margarine. Then simply layer your fondant on top and simply smooth the fondant by pressing it against the cake gently. Decorate to match the other tiers, and no one will ever know!



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