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Decorate your special cake on a stylish cake board or cupcake stand from Spotlight today. Choose from various cake boards and polystyrene dummies now!

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Show Off Your Desserts On A Cake Board Or Cake Stand From Spotlight

Make sure your desserts are the centre of attention by displaying them on a cake board or cake stand from Spotlight! Our range of cake stands and cake boards come in a variety of colours and sizes, so you can always find one suited to your slice, cake, tart or other sweet treats.

Look for cake boards and cake stands from well-known brands like Mondo and Loyal for a display you can trust to keep your desserts safe.

What kinds of cake displays can I find at Spotlight?

At Spotlight you can find:

  • Rectangle and round cake boards: Our sturdy cake boards are ideal for carrying even the heaviest of cakes on, and are a thick and sturdy surface to serve your cake from once it's cut too. You can find round, square and rectangle cake boards here.
  • Tiered cake stands: Perfect for special occasions like high tea or birthday parties, our tiered cake stands are a lovely way to offer your guests small, scrumptious desserts in bite-sized portions.
  • Foam dummies: These circular pieces of foam are used when you want to decorate a cake without eating it. Ideal for cake-decorating competitions or just to practice on at home! They can be carved into shapes if needed.
  • Dowel sticks: These sturdy sticks are food-safe and designed to help you hold up heavier parts of cake or even whole layers. Create tiered masterpieces or detailed decorations using these handy decorating tools.
  • Doilies: Our grease-proof doilies can be used to add a delicate touch to your cake display, and are useful for creating sections on a larger cake board or platter.

Browse our full cake packaging and display range for other cake storage options you may like.

Cake boards and stands FAQs

What is a cake stand?

A cake stand is a raised piece of tableware, usually made from glass or plastic, that is used to display and serve cakes. They can have multiple tiers on them, usually up to three, and are designed to lift the cake off the table and show it off above any other food. Plastic, metal, card and wooden cake stands are the most common types you'll find, although glass and marble are also available.

How do I use cake dowels?

Chill your cake, as dowels go better into a cold cake. Place a long dowel in the centre of your bottom cake that will be able to pierce through every layer you have, then insert dowels around the centre that will support your next layer. Press the second layer onto these dowels, and repeat this process until your layers are finished.

Do I need a cake board?

If you are transporting a particularly thick or heavy cake, a cake board is a must-have item that will give you peace of mind. Not only are they strong, but you can cut your cake and serve slices directly off it, rather than having to move it to another board or platter.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

Spotlight offers are useful range of cake storage and display supplies, including:

  • Cake boards: These flat, sturdy boards are useful for holding thicker cakes, and work well as a cake serving board too. They come in a variety of colours and styles that you can choose from to suit your event.
  • Display accessories: Everything you need to help make your cake look just right can be found here, including dowel sticks, dummy cakes and more.
  • Cake boxes, bags and storage: Ensure your cakes stay in one piece when you travel by storing them in any of our sturdy cake boxes. Or keep them fresh for longer in any of our dedicated cake storage products!

Make sure to check out the full range of baking and chocolate making supplies for everything you need to create delicious desserts at home.

Find the right cake boards and stands at Spotlight

Ready to display your desserts with confidence? Choose your cake boards and cake stands online, safely pay and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose the perfect cake display products for your needs in person.

Make sure you're getting the right dessert products by consulting our guides on cake decorating tools, cake toppings and chocolate making supplies before you buy. And for more dessert ideas and inspiration, read our blogs on hosting high tea, becoming a pro at icing desserts and creating an amazing cheese board.



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