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Make the perfect pancakes and crepes at home with our range of pancake and crepe pans. Shop pancake and crepe pans at low prices at Spotlight.

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Cook Tasty Crepes And Pancakes With Spotlight

Sweet brekkie lovers rejoice - you can make the perfect pancakes and crepes with a nonstick crepe pan from Spotlight! Our crepe and pancake pans feature a special design and coating to make cooking and releasing pancakes, crepes and other similar foods a breeze. Enjoy delicious treats at home with ease with amazing cookware from Spotlight.

Why Do I Need A Special Pan To Cook Crepes And Pancakes?

One of the hardest parts of cooking crepes and pancakes is getting them safely off the pan in one smooth piece - there's nothing worse than trying to flip your pancake and having it fold in half and stick to itself instead! Pancake and crepe pans have a non-stick surface and low lip that makes sliding your completed meal off the pan very easy, meaning no struggling to get your spatula fully under the pancake or crepe and potentially tearing it in the process.

Pancake and crepe pan FAQ

What is a crepe pan?

A crepe pan is a very shallow, wide frying pan with a non-stick coating and a single long handle. They are quick and easy to clean up, and the treated surface means hardly any oil or butter is needed to cook, leading to healthier meals!

How to season a crepe pan

Nonstick crepe pans don't need to be seasoned, but if your pan is made from stainless steel you can season it by adding oil with a high smoke point (like peanut or sesame) to a pan on medium heat. Wait till the oil starts to smoke, remove the pan from the stovetop, let it cool and use a paper towel to remove the oil. When you need to clean your pan after use, just wipe it down with a clean cloth rather than scrubbing it in the sink.

Your pan should now have a slick, non-stick surface! Repeat this process whenever you notice food starts to stick again.

How to use a crepe pan

Once you have your crepe or pancake mix ready, heat your crepe pan to medium heat and use a pastry brush to spread melted butter thingly across the base of the pan. Ladle 2-3 tablespoons of mixture into the centre of the pan and let it spread out into a circle. Once it has cooked for a few minutes, lift up the edge with a spatula and use your fingers to carefully turn over the crepe and cook on the otherwise for a minute until a light golden brown.

What Else Can I Find For My Kitchen At Spotlight?

You can find more than just crepe and pancake pans at Spotlight! Fill your kitchen with useful accessories from any of the following categories.

  • Weighing and measuring tools - baking requires precise amounts of dry and wet goods, and the measuring and weighing tools in this category will ensure you have the right amount every time.
  • Mixing bowls - our mixing bowls are able to withstand even the most vigorous beating, ensuring your batters, sauces and other mixed ingredients are combined as much as you need.
  • Cookware - find non-stick, stainless steel and hard anodised pots and pans here, including frypans, saucepans, grill pans and chef's pans.

Need more? Browse our kitchen and dining hub online for everything else you could need.

Find The Right Pancake And Crepe Pans At Spotlight

Whip up delicious savoury and sweet crepes and pancakes with the right nonstick crepe pan from Spotlight! Pay your way online and have your order home delivered, or head to your nearest Spotlight store to view the range in person. Ensure you're choosing the right cookware by checking our cookware buying guide before you purchase. And for fun event ideas you can whip out the pancakes for, be inspired by our amazing celebrate blogs!



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