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Playroom and bedroom themes for kids

Decorating a child's bedroom with the right kids' furniture can be a rich, rewarding and creative experience, not to mention a bonding opportunity for you and your child. Given there's no limit on what you can do when it comes to kids room décor, you may decide to start with a theme and then build up all the kids accessories and decorator items to bring that theme to life.

  1. Great themes are created by:
    Consulting with your child - in order for the theme to work, they need to love it just as much, or more, than you.
  2. Plotting out the elements of the theme before you buy - for example, what colours are appropriate for the theme? What kids décor items - like rugs and play mats - can be easily matched to the theme? How will you bring the theme into the different dimensions of the room (walls, floor, tables and cabinets, even the ceiling for an outer space theme, perhaps)?
  3. Landing on the items that will enhance the theme without costing you an arm and a leg - for instance, putting a blue canopy over a kids bed, and then pinning felt fish designs to it, creates an instant underwater or ocean theme without doing much else.
  4. Always incorporating sensible storage solutions so the theme doesn't get lost under mess.

Top decorations for every kids playroom or bedroom

Wall art

If the walls of your child's bedroom are painted nicely but they are a little empty, wall decals are a simple yet effective manner to make the bedroom walls interesting. Another benefit of using decals is they are easily removed. So, once your child outgrows the decals, you can easily replace them without having to redecorate (or repaint!) all the walls.

Other wall art could come in the form of framed prints, wall hangings, canvasses or dream catchers.

Lights and lamps

Using ambient light can be both a playful and soothing tactic for enticing kids into bed at night. Some lights throw patterns on the walls, or they move, or they come in novel shapes (like zoo animals). Most kids' lights double as nightlights for those who may be a little afraid of the dark.


It's not unusual for children to have favourite blankets when they're young, so it's worthwhile choosing one from high-quality, natural fibres to regulate their body heat across the seasons. Kids blankets can also come with popular characters printed on them, such as The Wiggles and Bluey & Bingo. You might want to match them with curtain fabrics or ready-made curtains especially for kids.


By introducing an analog clock with a clock face into your children's room, you'll not only help them learn to be punctual but also teach them how to tell the time.

Photo frames

Ensuring your child has photo frames in their playroom or bedroom is an easy way to surround them with family and love, even when they're in the room alone, and start creating happy memories for them. Photo frames can also be used to display their own art.

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