Kids Storage

Spotlight's colourful storage boxes display children's favourite film & cartoon characters. Kids may even be tempted to clear up their toys! Shop now!

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Can I buy Kid's Storage from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for the perfect storage to keep your little one's possessions neat and tidy, then you are super to find an ideal solution amongst this fabulous collection. There are so many colourful boxes, cubes, bags, shelves and more, in the style and design that will complement their room perfectly. They are guaranteed to love these funky storage options in their space. With such a huge choice available, plus bargains galore and our guaranteed low prices across the entire range, you are certain to find just about everything that you could possibly need to transform your little one's bedroom.

What is included in this range?

This range features tons of super-stylish storage solutions that would be ideal for your child's bedroom - with storage boxes, shelves and so much more in a wide range of colours, styles and designs. These wonderfully vibrant and colourful options are guaranteed to brighten up your little one's space. Shop backpacks and bags for them to take to school or college, or store those all-important books and stationery supplies in one of the boxes and cubes available. This range also includes a selection of children's hangers to fit any decorative style. Often children have a bigger wardrobe than the rest of the family, so make sure that you have plenty of spares to keep things organised. Our collection of shelves are cute, colourful and easy-to-hang. Your child or teenager will adore showing off their most prized possessions on one of these shelving options. Shop online or instore now for storage to match every style, personality and budget.

What can be stored in these storage solutions?

Pretty much anything you like! There are so many different storage solutions to choose from, and each is ideal for storing various things. Shelves are perfect for smaller prized possessions, and children will be able to display their little knick-knacks with pride. Boxes and cubes could be used for storing toys, books or any arts and craft or stationery supplies. Fill a box or cube with paper, pencils and crayons so children will have everything they need to get creative and know exactly where it is. When everything has a place, it is much easier to keep their space tidy, and you could even label boxes so that they know exactly where to put things. Doing chores and cleaning their own room is a great way to teach responsibility and proper storage certainly helps. Teach your little ones the joy of organisation, with child's storage solutions from Spotlight.

Do you have any tips for storing a child's belongings?

Making sure that your child has plenty of storage will help them to keep their room tidy, as well as the rest of the house. You could also shop our range of plastic containers for smaller toys. Beads, construction blocks, cars and any other small or loose toys can easily be stored in this range. The clear plastic also means that they will be able to find what they are looking for quicker as you can easily see inside. To make things even clearer, you could label boxes and containers so that they know where things go. Toys can be difficult to store, especially when there seems to be so many, but with the right storage, it is easy to keep them organised. Use all the space that you have available, including under the bed or in the closet. Finally, there are so many affordable and totally smart ideas online, and with these storage solutions, your child's bedroom will always be kept clean and tidy.



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