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Where can I buy jute rugs online?

Spotlight offers a variety of jute rugs in a range of different styles and sizes to suit every need. Our jute rugs feature a variety of weaves and come in natural earth tones, as well as dyed and painted jute rugs that will nicely complement your existing home decor.

What kind of jute rugs can I find at Spotlight?

Here at Spotlight we offer jute rugs in different shapes and sizes. We have jute rugs made with classic weaves that look simple yet elegant. These are normally available in traditional rectangular shapes and in standard rug sizes that will easily fill up any space.

We also offer round jute rugs that feature intricate patterns that are woven, braided, dyed or painted onto the jute material. These are much smaller than our rectangular jute rugs which make them perfect as accent pieces to highlight a particular spot in a room. We also have a selection of jute door mats that can help keep your floors clean.

What advantages do jute rugs offer?

Jute rugs have become more popular over the past few years mainly because they are made using eco-friendly materials, and have a unique look and texture to match. Not only are jute rugs easily biodegradable when you're done using them, they are also made out of plants that are easy to grow and are highly sustainable. In addition to these unique characteristics, jute rugs are also very affordable even in large sizes compared to other types of rugs.

Jute rugs are also very low maintenance. They can easily trap any dust, dirt and debris that comes its way. They are also very easy to clean and usually only require a weekly vacuuming even in high traffic areas where there are kids and pets around. The non-toxic natural fibres that jute rugs are made out of are also very good at repelling dust mites, which make them ideal for people who suffer from allergies.

Jute rugs are normally quite thick which make them very soft and comfortable underfoot. Because of their thickness, jute rugs are very good at minimising noise and vibration as you walk over it or when objects are dropped on them. They are also very good heat insulators and provide you with a warm and cosy surface to walk on even if your floors are cold. Because of its neutral colours, jute rugs are relatively easy to match with different interior designs ranging from traditional to contemporary.

What other types of rugs can I find at Spotlight?

Aside from jute rugs, Spotlight also offers a huge selection of rugs, door mats and hall runners made out of various materials like wool, sheepskin, cow hides, polypropylene and polyester. If you're looking for rugs that you can really sink your feet into, check out our range of shaggy rugs. These very thick rugs are typically made out of polyester, and are available in a range of solid colours, as well as different prints and patterns that will make any space look more vibrant and more comfortable to lounge around in.

We also have rugs made out of animal hides like sheepskin and cow hides that are extremely soft and plush. Every animal hide rug comes with colours, marks, shapes and sizes that are unique to the animal it was harvested from. If you want your plain floors look a little more interesting, we also offer wool and polypropylene rugs in different designs ranging from modern and abstract to more traditional patterns. Aside from area rugs, we also have hall runners that are perfect for narrower spaces like hallways, as well as areas blocked by counters or pieces of furniture like in kitchens.



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