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The Benefits And Maintenance Of Spotlight's Cotton Rugs

Our range of cotton rugs is popular with customers across the country. With various designs to choose from, and the countless benefits associated with these rugs, it is not difficult to see why these rugs have made the top of everyone's wishlist. If you wish to know more about the benefits of cotton rugs and their maintenance, be sure to read on.

What are the benefits of cotton rugs from Spotlight?

Cotton rugs have many benefits, and these benefits certainly contribute to the overall popularity of these rugs. We have lined up the best-known benefits of cotton rugs, which should give you better insight and help you determine if these cotton rugs are suitable for your home or not.

The beauty of nature: Cotton is a natural material, as it is harvested from the cotton plant. Interestingly, it is a hypoallergenic material as well, this means that people who are sensitive to wool materials will not have any problems with natural cotton. In other words, it is suitable in the living room or bedroom of someone suffering from severe allergies or asthma.

Softness: A natural material such as cotton is known to be quite soft, this is also the reason why the material is often used in garments. Of course, that natural softness also provides benefits for rugs. And, while you can find cotton rugs with soft and long fabric fibres, they both feel super comfortable.

Many designs: Cotton is also a material that can be dyed quite easy, much like manmade synthetic materials. As a result, you can find cotton rugs with the most intricate designs and colours. Therefore, you will have little problems finding something that suits your personal preferences.

Durable: When a cotton rug is maintained properly, it could last an entire lifetime. Even in areas with large amounts of foot traffic, cotton can stand the test of time without much trouble.

Easy maintenance: Like some other materials, cotton does not require any special or expensive maintenance. If you do not like to buy a lot of expensive cleaning products for your rugs, you do not have to when you choose cotton rugs.

How to maintain a cotton rug?

As mentioned briefly already, cotton is a material that is strong and easy to maintain. To ensure you are fully covered, we have listed all the different versions of the cotton rug and how you maintain them.

The pile rug: As this is one of the most common types of cotton rugs, you are likely to encounter this one. Fortunately, its maintenance is simple. Vacuum your carpet on a regular basis to keep it free from all dust and debris. We also recommend a professional clean at least once every two years.

The flat weave rug: When you have a home with lots of foot traffic, we urge you to choose a flat weave cotton rug. This kind of rug is more resistant to frequent foot traffic and less subject to wear and tear.

Flat weave rugs also have additional benefits in terms of maintenance. Because of the shorter fabric fibres, dirt and debris is less likely to get trapped. As long as you hoover the carpet on a regular basis you will not encounter any issues as well.

Like all cotton rugs, it is a good idea to remove any stains as they occur. Leaving stains on your cotton rug could cause the stain to set and this can make it almost impossible to remove. In some cases, it could cause a permanent stain and you may have to change over the carpet.

When you spot a stain, blot the stain with some kitchen tissue until no more liquid is transferred on the paper. Once this is done, check if any traces of the stain remain on the carpet. If you can still see a stain, use one-part water and one-part vinegar to blot the remainder of the stain out. We recommend adding this solution on a microfibre cloth and not directly on the carpet.

For more persistent stains that contain oil or grease, you may need a special cleaning solution. However, for cotton rugs, we always recommend getting the rug degreased and cleaned professionally. Doing so will not only remove the stain but give the rest of the carpet its bi-annual clean too.



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