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How To Create The Perfect Artificial Flower Bouquet?

Many people like a nice selection of flowers in their home because they contribute to the interior design inside the home. Of course, it can come with some problems, as real flowers have a limited lifespan. Fortunately, you can count on our range of artificial flowers, which last a whole lot longer. Check out our guide below to learn how to create the perfect artificial bouquet in your home.

What Is Best - Floral Foam Or Floral Tape?

When you start creating some bouquets of artificial flowers for your home, you get to choose between floral foam and floral tape. Each of these tools has its benefits, so choosing the right option often comes down to personal preferences. To ensure you can make the right decision, we have lined up some information about each.

Floral foam: This is a lightweight material that can be cut and moulded into the required shape. It also holds its shape when it comes into contact with water and has the ability to store water. In other words, this material can be used for real flowers as well.

When handling floral foam, you must take special care as this kind of material can contain toxic substances. Despite this negative property, it provides one of the strongest bases for your artificial bouquets. You could also use them for artificial centrepieces and even to increase the lifespan of real flowers.

Floral tape: Floral tape is a dedicated kind of tape that is used in floristry. They can be used to conceal the wires that can be present in artificial flowers, or even to bind stems together to create your bouquet.

On the downside, floral tape could be considered as less durable than floral foam. However, you can get this tape without any toxic substances and it can be more affordable than floral foam too.

How Do I Prepare The Stems For An Artificial Bouquet?

Even when you are dealing with fake flowers, you might need to prepare the stems for your artificial bouquet. It all depends on the length you want for your bouquet. As you will be working with different artificial blooms, they can have different sized stems that need to be adjusted.

To cut artificial stems to the appropriate length, you will need a craft knife or some floristry scissors, flower wire and some floral tape. Take the scissors and cut the stems to the appropriate size. Then, take the required amount of flower wire and wrap it around the remainder of the stem. Next, take your floral tape and cover the wire, which gives you a much more natural result. Please note, we recommend various shades of green floral tape, so you can easily find the shade that matches the flower best.

How Do I Arrange The Flowers Best?

Most florists will tell you that it can be a good idea to choose some blooms that will be your focal point. Ideally, you want three to four artificial flowers that will form the focus of the bouquet. Then, add some smaller and more subtler stems around the base stems. Do this until you find you have reached the perfect balance.

Once you have your balanced bouquet, you can use some additional accessories to make the bouquet look spectacular. For example, you could use a burlap wrap around the stems, some lace or any other accessories you want to add.

If you are looking for the most professional finish, we recommend using your glue gun. Use a little twine and a little bit of glue to fasten some ribbon or twine around your artificial floral arrangement. You could also use some decorative binding for a more professional look. Also, if you are feeling incredibly creative, you can get some gems from our crafting range and add them to your selection. You can get some marvellous results for a very low price. So, if you want to save on artificial plants for your home, why not take advantage of our full range?

Greenery Bushes and Stems Selection At Spotlight

At Spotlight, you can find a beautiful range of floral stems and posies to create your own artificial bouquets for your home. Be sure to check out the range and the attractive prices to make some beautiful arrangements to liven up your interior.



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