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Create a unique arrangement with luscious artificial leaves & fake bushes from Spotlight. Make your room come to life with beautiful artificial fake leaves.

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Discover Lush Artificial Leaves, Bushes & Greenery For Your Home

Incorporate an element of nature instantly transforms your home into a tranquil sanctuary. The downside to this is the constant maintenance associated with water plants, ensuring they get enough sunlight and pruning if needed. This can take a lot of time and thought. For those who wish to breathe new life into their space without worrying about the care of their decor pieces, artificial leaves and bushes are an exceptional choice. These are the perfect options for those wanting to establish a serene ambience in your space without the high level of care needed for real greenery.

Lifelike Details Without The Fuss

Artificial leaves and bushes are crafted with incredible attention to detail. Many feature vibrant green colour tones to mimic the luscious hues found outdoors. Others also include faux soil for a more authentic touch. Most are constructed with a high level of detail in leaf veins, stems and colouration, ensuring it looks authentic throughout the design.

Artificial Leaves And Bushes FAQs

How to decorate artificial leaves?

To display artificial leaves, consider shopping for a vase that complements your home styling. Available in a range of designs, it's also important to consider the shape and size of your fake leaves. You have thinner stems which can be paired with either similar stems or paired with vastly differing stems for a more complex arrangement. There is also a range of luscious displays of larger leaves mimicking tree stems for a more vibrant touch. For a minimalist decor theme, display one single leaf stem in a thin tall vase to bring height and dimension to your space. For those wishing to create a lively display, shop for a variety of colour configurations, from light greens to browns to dark greens, to bring depth to your space.

How to clean artificial leaves?

With no watering or sunlight required, maintenance for artificial leaves is easy! Simply dust over your botanical arrangement with a dry cloth to remove any lint or dust build-up. Be careful not to apply too much pressure so you don't damage the leaves.

Difference between artificial leaves and artificial bushes?

While both are spectacular displays of lifelike greenery, artificial bushes and leaves do have distinct differences. Artificial bushes are much more luscious and appear to be a cluster of artificial leaves. While artificial leaves are luscious, they are fairly more minimalistic in their design, sometimes with only one leaf featured on the stem.

Find The Right Artificial Leaves And Bushes For Your Home At Spotlight

At Spotlight we offer an extensive range of artificial flowers and greenery that will have you breathing new life into your home decor in no time. For more artificial greenery, explore our selection of artificial fiddle leaf figs, artificial monsteras and artificial greenery and walls. Display your artificial leaves and bushes with the right planter tables, plant pots and plant stands also available at Spotlight. You can shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery, or make your purchases in-store where our friendly and helpful team members are always happy to lend a hand. Looking for more decor inspiration for a tranquil space? Be sure to check out our 8 Nature-inspired home decor ideas.



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