Artificial Greenery Walls

Transform your dull wall into an oasis with artificial greenery walls from Spotlight. Our artificial plant walls make the perfect backdrop for any room.

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Decorate Your Space With Realistic Artificial Greenery Walls

Create a peaceful ambience in any room of your home by installing an artificial greenery wall. These decorative pieces offer a combination between wall art as well as an element of nature to refresh your home styling. Artificial greenery walls feature incredibly lifelike details that will instantly refresh your space. They are easy to care for and seamlessly integrate amongst various decor styles.

Greenery walls have been used in decorating homes for centuries. Simply take a look back at castles from ancient times with luscious moss and leaves coating their exterior walls. In the last century, there have been advancements in plastics and other artificial materials that have made it possible to create lifelike fake greenery, making it easy to incorporate the outdoors into your living space.

Artificial Greenery Walls FAQs

What are the benefits of an artificial greenery wall?

Artificial greenery walls bring a sense of elegance to any room they're installed in. They offer a sense of height and dimension to your space and can make your room appear to be larger with its luscious, lifelike leaves. They are a low-maintenance approach to bringing an earthy charm to your space without the worry of maintaining its appearance.

How do you maintain an artificial greenery wall?

Often people shy away from incorporating greenery into their homes due to the demanding care instructions. With artificial greenery walls, maintenance is easy! Made from artificial materials, these decor pieces require little to no maintenance. They require no sunlight or water, making them easy to place in any room in your home. To clean, simply dust over with a dry cloth when required. Ensure your greenery is installed securely against your wall before dusting and be careful to not apply too much pressure.

Can artificial greenery walls be used inside?

Bring the earthy charm of the outdoors inside your home with artificial greenery walls. Most are able to be used inside, however ensure you follow the installation instructions provided.

What Else Can I Find in the Artificial Greenery Range At Spotlight?

Looking to incorporate a pop of nature into your space? Look no further than Spotlight's extensive range of artificial flowers and greenery. With a collection of decor pieces made from synthetic materials, this collection includes:

  • Artificial monsteras: Luscious faux plants, typically ready to be displayed in a planter pot or paired with a planter pot of your choice.
  • Artificial leaves and bushes: Blooming and minimalist artificial stems that are ready to be displayed in elegant vases for a subtle pop of greenery to your space.
  • Artificial succulents: Faux succulents that are smaller in size and easy to incorporate into your home decor. These succulents are great for displaying underneath greenery walls on a console table, bookshelf or bedside table to create a cohesive flow of greenery throughout your space.

Find The Right Artificial Greenery Walls At Spotlight

Whether you're looking for a nod to natural accents or want to cover your entire wall in artificial greenery, fake greenery walls are an exceptional choice. At Spotlight, you can shop online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery, or make your purchases in-store where our friendly and helpful team members are always happy to lend a hand. For more home decor inspiration, check out our 8 Nature-inspired home decor ideas and more great articles on the Decorate Blog.



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