Artificial Ferns

Brighten up every corner of your home with the range of artificial ferns from Spotlight. Shop alluring fake fern plants online and in-store today.

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Create A Peaceful Oasis With Artificial Ferns From Spotlight

Decorate your home with artificial ferns and instantly transform your living space into a tranquil sanctuary. The refreshing greenery of the artificial ferns will brighten your space while infusing a sense of nature into your home styling. Artificial plants like these are great for those wishing to establish an earthy charm while elevating their interior decorating experience.

Why We Love Artificial Ferns

With luscious green leaves and lifelike details, it's hard to believe artificial ferns are made from synthetic materials. This makes these loveable decor pieces easy to care for while also providing a stylish decor piece that integrates an earthy accent into your home styling. Whether you're a gardening enthusiast living a busy life or new to the world of botanical allure and want a low-maintenance pop of greenery, artificial ferns are an exceptional choice.

Artificial Ferns FAQs

How do I care for an artificial fern?

The synthetic materials used in the construction of an artificial fern results in minimal maintenance required. With no need for watering or sunlight in order for the plant to grow, artificial ferns simply require dusting with a dry cloth to maintain its appearance. Be careful when dusting to not be too harsh as this can damage the faux leaves.

How to decorate with an artificial fern?

  • In your living room: Position artificial ferns next to seating arrangements to offer a balance between relaxation and the beauty of a natural accent.
  • In your entranceway: Arrange your artificial fern among other artificial plants for a lively and layered botanical display that greets your guests as soon as they enter your home.
  • In your bedroom: Display larger artificial ferns in pots in any corner of your bedroom for a captivating, yet out-of-the-way decorative piece that brings dimension to your space.

How do I make an artificial fern look more realistic?

To make your plants appear to be realistic artificial ferns, consider displaying your artificial greenery in a plant pot to conceal the base while adding a personal touch that complements your home styling. Surround your artificial greenery with other artificial flowers to distract from the details of a single plant. Complete your botanical display by incorporating rocks, dirt and other natural elements into the display of your artificial ferns for an authentic sense of nature.

What Else Can I Find in the Range of Artificial Plants and Flowers At Spotlight?

Whether you're wanting to create a lively botanical display or simply wanting a minimalist pop of greenery, Spotlight has a great range of artificial plants that will refresh your space without the worry of maintenance. Pair your artificial fern with lively artificial monsteras and artificial fiddle leaf figs for an eye-catching display of faux greenery. For smaller faux greenery, check out our selection of artificial succulents and artificial leaves and bushes to add a cohesive pop of nature throughout your home with ease.

Find The Right Artificial Ferns For Your Home At Spotlight

Shop Spotlight's artificial fern range online and enjoy the convenience of home delivery. Alternatively, visit your nearest Spotlight store and our friendly team will help you choose from some of the best artificial ferns in Australia for your home. Looking for more home decor inspiration? Look no further than our Decorate Blogs for an abundance of interior styling tips and ideas.



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