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Complete Your Curtain Setup With Curtain Rings And Accessories From Spotlight

Curtain rod rings are the small circles that your curtains hang from, and they allow your curtain to slide smoothly across a rod or along a track. Easy to attach and even simpler to install, curtain rod rings are a stylish option that even beginner curtain-makers and installers will love to use.

At Spotlight, you can discover a wonderful collection of curtain rod rings and hanging accessories to ensure you can hang your curtain exactly as you want. From small curtain rings that allow your curtains to do the talking to large, shining rings perfect for elegant spaces, you can find the perfect curtain rings right here.

Curtain rings of all sizes, colours and makes

You can find a great range of curtain rod rings at Spotlight. Our curtain ring sizes range from as small as 9mm to a generous 46mm, ensuring they can fit your chosen curtain rod no matter how thick it is.

Our curtain rod rings also come in a few different materials. Timber rings are a great choice for use on a wooden rod and give your space a more homey, warm look, while metallic rings are shiny and exude elegance. Plastic rings are a good well-rounder and will suit any modern home.

Our curtain rod ring colours include white, brown, metallics like gold, silver, rose and copper, as well as matte black and steel grey.

Curtain rod rings and accessories FAQs

How to use curtain ring clips

You can clip your curtain rings straight onto the top of your curtain for a quick hang, but they will be visible. If your curtain has extra material on the back as part of the header, you may be able to add the clips here instead, which will keep them hidden when viewing the clips from the front.

What is a rod joiner?

A rod joiner is a small tube that you can slip the ends of two separate rods into to create the look of a single, longer rod. Some joiners can bend at a 90-degree angle in the middle, allowing you to add two poles into a corner if needed.

What is the best curtain rod ring material?

The best curtain rod ring material for you will depend on your needs. Do you need strong curtain rings to hold up a heavy curtain? Go for metal or thick plastic curtain rings. Do you want rings that will slide silently across the curtain rod? Stick to wood or plastic rings. Do you want rings that look as good as your curtains? Metal or timber are your best bets.

What Else Can I Find At Spotlight?

We have many other kinds of curtain accessories available, including:

  • Double curtain rods: You can hang two curtains on one window using our handy double curtain rods! Layer curtains for a luxurious look or for precise light control with sheers and blackout curtains.
  • Curtain rod finials: These curtain rod ends come in all sorts of shapes and colours, from rustic wooden across to modern metallic silver spheres.
  • Curtain rod brackets: Hang your curtain with confidence using our sturdy curtain brackets. They come in a variety of colours so you can always find brackets to suit your other curtain accessories.

Browse the full range of curtain rods and tracks for other supplies like expandable and tension curtain rods from brands like Caprice and Tribeca.

Find the right curtain rod rings and accessories at Spotlight

If you've chosen your curtain rings, you can safely pay online and we'll deliver them straight to your front door. If you'd prefer to shop in person, visit your nearest Spotlight store and we'll deliver your curtain rod accessories straight to your front door.

Make sure to read our buying guides on hanging curtains, measuring your windows and curtain care and maintenance before making any purchases. And for curtain ideas and inspiration, check out our blogs on layering curtains, making your own curtains and curtain hanging mistakes to avoid.



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