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Getting started with curtain brackets

Generally, standard curtain rod brackets are used to fix your window rod to the wall, and will be included with your chosen curtain rod as part of the fixings (two brackets for the left and right corners). However, in some circumstances, you may need additional brackets or different brackets - e.g. for heavy curtains or for angled walls or if you have windows that are wider than the average.

Single rod brackets
If you're going to hang one layer of curtains, single rod brackets are the go.

Double rod brackets
Double rod brackets are designed to hang two layers of curtains (e.g. a valance in front of the feature curtain), which may be your preference if you're opting for a formal look. Alternatively, you may wish to pair your feature curtain with a blockout or sheer panel.

Centre support brackets
If your windows are extra wide, you should introduce a centre support bracket to hold up the rod and prevent it from bowing with the weight of the curtain drape. As a general rule, include an additional support bracket every 75 to 90 centimetres.

Elbow brackets
Sometimes, you will need to attach curtains around an angled wall, which means you should use an elbow bracket in the corner so you can realign the rod to the angle of the wall.

Adjustable brackets
These types of brackets can be extended or shortened to fit different types of windows, such as windows that project further out from the wall than others. For aesthetic reasons, you should aim for a small gap between the wall and your curtains.

Other curtain accessories you may need

There are practical curtain accessories you should be putting in your shopping cart but also some that serve decorative purposes so your curtains blend beautifully with your home d├ęcor.

Curtain rods and curtain poles - for ensuring your curtains hang perfectly but also match the look of your curtain design.

Curtain tiebacks and curtain lining - for moderating the light that comes into your room. Linings give your curtain weight and blockout for sleeping, while tiebacks are a fun and fanciful way of pulling back and securing your curtains during the day.

Curtain heading tape, curtain hooks and rings - the essentials for those who have a curtain concept in mind and wish to do it themselves.

Curtain rod accessories and curtain rod finials - for making curtain rods look better than the average rod, decorative finials and finishings are a must.

Curtain tracks, curtain gliders and curtain flick sticks - when you don't want your curtains on rods, these are the curtain track accessories you need.

Find the right curtain rod brackets at Spotlight

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