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What are Valance Sheers?

Valance sheers are window treatments that only cover up the top portion of a window. These are made out of a lightweight sheer fabric and typically have a scalloped edge for a more delicate look. Valance sheers are a great option if you're looking to dress up your windows but still want a lot of natural to come through. Valance sheers can also be used with matching sheer curtains to cover up curtain hardware like curtain rods and rod brackets.

Where can I hang valance sheers?

Window valances are usually placed on top of windows that are over kitchen sinks because the counters get in the way of regular curtains that hang down to the floor. The sheer fabric lets in a lot of light which is helpful when you're working in the kitchen without have to leave your windows looking bare. Valance sheers can also be used in other areas where there isn't enough floor space for regular curtains like bathrooms, breakfast nooks and reading nooks.

Valence sheers can also be placed over the drapes and curtains in the other rooms of your home to better frame the look of your windows. They can also be placed over entryways so you can define transitions into different areas in your home.

How do I install valance sheers?

Valance sheers can be installed using regular curtain rods, valance rods or tension rods depending on how you choose to use them. If you don't care about hiding curtain fixtures, you can use regular curtain rods. You can also use tension rods to install valances on the inside of your window frames, which is sometimes necessary when there isn't any empty wall space on either side of the window, such as in kitchens where there are usually cabinets blocking the way.

Valance rods are essential if you want to hang valence sheers over drapes and curtains to hide any visible curtain hardware. Unlike regular curtain rods that are straight and finished off with decorative finials at both ends, valance rods are bent at a 90 degree angle at each bend so it can wrap around and cover the whole upper section of your curtains. Sheer valances and other window valances normally use clips and rod pockets so that it doesn't have any visible hardware.

What other valance sheers can I find at Spotlight?

We offer a variety of café - sheers that come in pairs so that you can cover the top portion of your windows, as well as the bottom half. In between the valances is a small uncovered section that you can still see through. This lets you have more privacy than valance sheers while still letting a lot of light through. Like valance sheers, café - sheers are usually hung over kitchen and bathroom windows where it's good to have a lot of light, but you'd like more privacy from the outside world. Since café - sheers are hung at eye level, tension rods are often used to hang them so there is less hardware that can obstruct your view. You can also use curtain rods but it's best to choose one that doesn't look too big or heavy to match the delicate sheer fabrics of the valances.

If you'd like to make your own window valances you'll find a variety of curtain fabrics in our online catalogue, as well as all our retail stores. We have sheer fabrics in different colours and designs, as well as uncoated curtain fabrics that you can use to create matching sets of curtains and window valances.



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