Cafe & Valance Sheers

Get some privacy without completely blocking your view with cafe sheer curtain fabrics here at Spotlight. Shop your window dressings with us today!

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What are cafe - sheers?

Café - sheers are a type of curtain that only covers the bottom half of windows up to the window sills. This allows a lot of natural light through while still providing you with a lot of privacy.

Café - sheers often come paired with a matching set of window valances to cover the top portion of the window. These tiered curtains allow you to have a small opening in the middle of the window for even more privacy.

Where can I hang café - sheers?

Since café - sheers end at the window sill, they are ideal for rooms that don't have a lot of floor space. Café - sheers are typically used in kitchens since these areas usually don't have enough room for regular curtains with all the counter space and furnishings that are in the way. Café - sheers can also brighten up bathrooms while keeping you safe from prying eyes. They can also be placed in reading nooks and behind sofas in the living room.

How do you hang café - sheers?

Café - sheers are typically installed inside the window frame itself using only tension rods. This means you won't have to do any drilling or hammering. Since café - sheers are usually very lightweight, it doesn't require a lot of support from curtain rods or valance rods. You can also use regular curtain rods with curtain sheers as long as they don't look too large or heavy since café - sheers are usually placed at eye level.

What are café - sheers made of?

Café - sheers are made out of lightweight sheer fabric that is able to let a lot of light through even when they are not pulled back. Our café - sheers are typically made out of polyester which makes them more durable despite being lightweight and delicate, and also makes them more resistant to mildew when hung in humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms.

What type of café - sheers does Spotlight offer?

Spotlight offers a selection of café - sheers that come with matching window valances. You can use both or just one depending on how much light or privacy you want for your space. Our café - sheers are made of white sheer fabrics that range from opaque to almost translucent. They are also finished with a scalloped edge to give it a more delicate look.

What other types of curtains can I find at Spotlight?

Spotlight has a huge selection of curtains and drapes in various colours and designs. You can choose between different styles of curtains ranging from eyelet curtains, tab top curtains to pinch pleat and pencil pleat curtains.

We also offer a wide variety of curtain fabrics for those who want to sew their own curtains from scratch. We have regular uncoated curtain fabrics made out of cotton or polyester, sheer and jacquard fabrics, as well as coated and triple weave room darkening, blockout and thermal curtains. Spotlight also carries curtain sewing essentials like lining fabrics, heading tape, hemming tape, rings, hooks and curtain weights.

When it comes to curtain hardware, Spotlight also has you covered with our range of curtain rods, finials, curtain tracks, valance rods, mounting brackets, cords and tie backs.

If you're looking for an alternative to café - sheers and need window treatments that don't hang past your window sills, check out our selection of blinds. We have a wide variety of venetian blinds, Roman blinds, roller blinds and vertical blinds that can be used in different rooms of your home. Spotlight also offers outdoor roller blinds and patio blinds that are made to withstand constant exposure to the elements.



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